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Opinions of Sunday, 16 September 2012

Columnist: Adjetey, Emmanue

Who are we to blame


I will not be astonished if a group of commercial sex workers emerge with
an association in Ghana one of these days. I will also not be surprised to
see young girls of school going age breaking into prostitution. And
besides, I will not be dumbfounded if I see gobs of human rights advocates
intoning to the defense of the rights of the above mentioned groups. Our
country, Ghana in recent times has been keyed out as one of the most
prostitution rating countries in Africa and beyond. Is this the Ghana our
ancestors left for us? No I don’t think so. Then, where from this social
canker? Prostitution-Which has been defined in some literatures as:
1.offering sexual intercourse for money and, 2.Woman exchanging her dignity
for money. I believe these definitions are obvious to attest to the social
canker in question. Who are we to blame for this unholy act defacing the
good name our of dear nation? I again believe that these commercial sex
workers are coming from “homes”. And also have the authorities of this
nation legalized this hellish act? No caring mother would allow her
innocent female child to go into such questioning act all in the name of
money. If she does I leave that to our creator above. Some always say that
they go into this illicit “business” because the cost of living has been
very high for them to bear. So the only solution to this hardship is to
delve into prostitution to make an ends meet. Our elders normally say that
when a fish is about to rot it starts from it head. This is very true since
the older generations have vehemently “embraced” the prostitution
“business” wholeheartedly. People can attest to fact that though the cost
of living is high but I strongly believe that these commercial sex workers
have lost their moral sense of values. They have really thrown their prides
to the dogs and I wonder what pride they are left with. Besides, our
younger generations who are really the hope and the future for this good
country have also follow suit to the older generation all in the name of
trying to make an ends meet. Why would young girls of today sneak from
school to indulge into prostitution? Supposing they sneak away from their
various schools. Then, what are the roles of the school authorities? And
what are the duties of the school house masters? It is very pity and
irritating to hear or to see young girls from SHS and JHS showcasing
themselves to men for money. Prostitution now has a been a business not
transacted behind closed doors like before but now it’s a business
transacted in the broad day light for interested customers to patronize.
It’s funny and pity to see them rushing for their customers. One can
unquestionably say that prostitution is more or less legalized in our
country, Ghana, if it is not why these people especially young girls in
school would sneak to town to engage in this diabolic deed. These innocent
girls don’t only deliver their services to the corrupt older Ghanaian men
but also to some expatriates who are not only in Ghana to run their
businesses but who are also here to “enjoy” what they have heard about the
commercial sex workers. Who have ever thought of the fatal sickness or
diseases these expatriates carry along to our country? I leave the fate of
our precious country, Ghana into the hands of the Almighty God in the

The Writer is a Student-Journalist at the Ghana Institute of Journalism.