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Opinions of Monday, 23 December 2013

Columnist: Adofo, Rockson

Who are Those Ashantis that are Intentionally Sabotaging Kumawu?

? ?Kumawuman has been on constant "economic and essential development" nosedive since the advent of the two Bompata seeming musketeers at the helm of her traditional affairs. The late Omanhene of Kumawu Traditional area, Barima Asumadu Sakyi II,and his sister, the current Kumawuhemaa,with their accomplices have orchestrated the annihilation of Kumawuman, especially, Kumawu.?Barima Asumadu Sakyi II like his sister had no love and not even an iota of care for Kumawu Traditional area. The sister is even worse.They saw,and still see every wealth of Kumawuman as belonging to them personally and therefore,could do whatever they like with it. Is their baffling mentality not formed on the basis that they do not fully hail from Kumawu but are from Bompata in the Asante-Akyem area in the Ashanti region??Anyway, the above prelude to my message today is not of any utter relevance but the following.

Kumawuhemaa from all indications and established facts has not the interest of Kumawuman at heart but the senseless pursuit of her disastrous parochial interests. In so doing, she has been able to woo the support of some Asanteman chiefs through financial and other inducements to further inflict havoc on Kumawuman.?Those Asanteman chiefs who are in collusion with Kumawuhemaa to ravaging Kumawu are hereby served notice to desist from their ruinous behaviour else, they will be named and shamed. They are indeed cruising for bruising should they persist in their malevolence towards the people of Kumawuman.?I shall in the not too distant future publish the nefarious underhand dealings engaged in with Kumawuhemaa by these chiefs in attempts to sabotage Kumawuman. The bribes they have taken from her, the promises she has made to them all of which are detrimental to Kumawu will be revealed and discussed.?We the citizens of Kumawu Traditional area are not going to sit by for some nonentities calling themselves chiefs but who are indeed saboteurs,to continue to ruin our lives in pursuit of their insatiable greed. They had better from the moment of this publication advise themselves otherwise, they should be ready to enter into bitter confrontations with the entire Kumawuman citizens.

?They had better recoil into their lair not only to cogitate, but to think twice about their inimical actions towards the people of Kumawuman before continuing to lend their unrestricted questionable support to the queen. Do they really know about the history of Kumawu or they are just fooling themselves because of the money and land promises made to them by the queen??I hope Asantehene will this time around not seek to delay the Kumawu case as he did sometime ago for questionable reasons. We shall not have time for any delay tactics from his end, I must honestly declare to him. Kumawu will not wait a second further should he assume the path of dillydallying as he did previously. ? Now, Kumawuman boys and girls have been driven to frenzy by the recent dubious endeavour by Kumawuhemaa to circumvent tradition to impose a person of her choice as Kumawuhene contrary to the wish and choice of the subjects of the land. If she with the accomplice chiefs wishes to play with fire, the choice is theirs and "the road is their face", as we used to joke about in our youthful years.?I extend my seasonal Christmas greetings to all the citizens of Kumawuman the world over. Make it your New Year resolution to fight to liberate Kumawuman from the abuse of power and corruption by Kumawuhemaa and her accomplices of different forms and shapes. They will be resisted every inch on the way. They will no longer be allowed to play with our lives and wellbeing. The battle will be led by Rockson Adofo, that fearless son of Kumawu/Asiampa. As long as they are desirous to lie with the aim of exploiting our land, they shall never know peace.?Rockson Adofo? ?