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Opinions of Saturday, 28 May 2011

Columnist: Amankwah, Kwadwo

Who Checks These Men?

Part One

Fellow Ghanaians, the time has come that we have to earnestly take a second look at this thing. Yes, I know we have all been talking about this for sometime now but its time for us to be circumspect about it and call a spade a spade but not a big spoon. It is very true that whenever something important is going on, silence is a lie the same way silence is a lie whenever something bad is going on. Now the silence has to be broken.

First of all, Ghana is a religious country as it is always preached. You are the judge base on your definition of religion. With this idea in mind, a new church is established in Ghana everyday. The rapid mushrooming of these new churches has made it difficult for the founders to even have names for them. Some of the names are so funny that at times you wonder if they are fraternity groups, names of medications, or even night clubs. Don’t let us forget that in the early 17th century, European immigrants who settled in New England were demanding religious freedom and as such in 1620 they left England so that they could worship in their own way without difficulty from others. So when two New England preachers couldn’t agree to each other, one of them usually the one with fewer followers left and established a new congregation with his followers in a new town. This led to the establishment of many young churches.

This old 17th century ideology has crept into Ghana and has bred wicked false prophets. And I mean wicked false prophets. There are many definitions for a false prophet and in the layman’s term a false prophet is one who falsely claims the gift of prophecy or who uses that gift for evil ends. But do you know who a Ghanaian false prophet is? “A slick, ignorant, dishonest person who preaches vague promises and whose messages seem to be mostly about how much wealth and prosperity you can have”. In these modern times, they have even gained grounds and fake confidence to preach on radios and televisions. Now they are called by many names; “Man of God, Doctor of God, Fire of God, Prophet Doctor, Minister of God “just to mention a few.

Have you ever thought of how these corrupt minded people negatively affect our country? These men organize services, from Monday to Friday both morning and evening sessions and you will be surprised that all these sessions are always full with people with itching ears ready to receive empty promises of God. But every prudent and diligent person knows that these days are called working days but not worshipping days. Do these people even worship? They don’t even know what worshipping is. I don’t only blame these wicked prophets; I also blame these lazy young men and women who always fill their services and later complain there are no jobs in Ghana and try to blame others for their inaptitude. Arguably, there are no jobs in Ghana but it is worth staying home than to go give your “chop money” to these fraudsters. These fraudsters have gained a lot and their so called ministry has become lucrative that people from other African countries have migrated to Ghana to indulge in such activities. God have mercy.

When the early missionaries brought Christianity to Ghana, they provided amenities to enhance the lives of the people at that time and of course the people of today still enjoy those amenities. They built schools, hospitals and even recreational centers. The well being of the inhabitants was their concern. For these false prophets and their churches, what have they so far helped Ghanaians with? It is of a fact that they have come to steal and destroy.

Interestingly, most of these false prophets if not all have become gynecologists. Gynecologists indeed!!! Which college did they attend? Tell them to show you the classmates and they will have none. And Ghanaian women see these quacks everyday just for them to take advantage of them. OMG!!!! What a world are we living in? Did you just hear that a Kumasi based Minister of God ( I think a minister of god) told a 21 year old woman that the Holy Spirit had directed him to exorcise an evil spirit that was tormenting her in the genitals and opposing her efforts at making any progress in life and having a baby. It sounds disgusting right? That is how worse it has gotten to. I am absolutely sure that this wasn’t the first and will not be the last if measures are not put in place to check these fake Ministers of God.

Not that I sound very harsh on these men but a wise man once said only enemies speak the truth; friends and lovers lie endlessly and all truths began as blasphemies. Why should such scammers be given motorcades when they come to town? For the past 4 years air waves in Ghana have been controlled by these men. They are nuisance to the extent of prescribing medications on air though some of them can’t even literally spell their own names. They can tell me they pay for the air time but ask them where they get their money from. Through their scamming and fraudulent deeds.

Ghanaians lets wake up if we were asleep. Let’s come back to light if we were in the dark. Let us stand if we were sitting. These wicked false prophets, fake men of God and ignorant men need to be checked. God bless our homeland Ghana and God bless you.

Kwadwo Amankwah Virginia- USA