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Opinions of Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Columnist: Quaye, Stephen A.

Who Are You?

From: Stephen A. Quaye, Toronto-Canada.

Have you been taking note of how some people try to look humble when attending events such as birth day parties, naming ceremonies, weddings and normally attending church service on Sundays?

Oh you don’t see how quiet, innocent face, calculated footsteps they appear when walking to take their seats at such occasions especially when they are going to receive their bread and wine at the communion table?
Ahaa, you have been taking note of that. But have you taken time off to study their appearances outside the banquet halls where they attend special events?
What about their comportment outside the church premises where they look like angels as compared to behaviors at their work place, homes, schools and in the community they live in where they appear like tigers?
Do you see same humbleness put out by these persons as they always put out during communion services or better still special occasions at church? Is there any difference?
My gosh, do not remind me of the fight that broke out outside the church where after service two staunch members tested their punching power on each other over a little misunderstanding because I know about it and felt ashamed of it.
But was that the same attitude they demonstrated when joining the service? So what was the main cause of that fisticuff that broke out putting these staunch members out in a different way as they were already known as quiet and humble persons?
Very well, your answer is as good as my. People raise their shoulders a lot thinking they are on top of the world or holding the key to every situation in the world including wealth, luxury, healing and all that matters in human beings lives but who are they let us ask?
Often that not you hear all sorts of people boasting of who they are to others in order to cow them down but the question still being asked is who are they? Upon all that they claim they are they are no body and in a few minutes I will explain why.
Two gentlemen one evening decided to meet at a drinking spot and spend the remaining hours of the day which was Friday after which they will retard to their various homes to rest over the weekend.
Whiles relaxing under one of the structures and enjoying sipping their beer, one of the bar attendants misbehaved towards one of the clients and all of a sudden shouts could be heard from the background.
As the exchange of words went on and the argument got hot, one could hear screams of,” do you who I am? Do you know me? I will show you where power lies” as the other try to also call of the bluff by saying,” who are you? You are no body you can not do huu”
Fellow readers, sometimes it amazes me when I see certain people beating their chests in claiming whatever they are to people or better still trying to put fear in people and swore or threatens by saying,” do you know me, do you who I am, I will show you where power lies” and I ask myself do those people know where exactly power comes from? I guess they do not know.
Kindly open your bible to the book of Psalms Chapter 75 which teaches us where power comes from or in whose hands lays power. The whole ten verses tell us why we should not throw ourselves about or impose ourselves on others in our communities.
The whole ten verses go like this:
“Our God, we thank you for being so near to us. Everyone celebrates your powerful deeds.
You have set a time to judge with fairness. The earth trembles, and its people shake you alone keep its foundation firm.
And now this is the very area I want you to take very serious.
“You tell every bragger stop bragging and to the wicked you say don’t boast of your power. Stop bragging. Quit telling me how great you are”
Fine if God is asking us to stop bragging quit telling him and for that matter other people how great we are then where does victory comes from? Let us look at the verse six to ten.
“Our lord and our God, victory does not come from the east or from the west or from the desert. You are the one who judges. You can take away power and give it to others.
“You hold in your hand a cup filled with wine, strong and foaming you will pour out some for every sinful person on this earth and they will have to drink until it is gone.
“But I will always tell about you the God of Jacob and I will sing your praise.
“Our lord, you will destroy the power of evil people but you will give strength to those who are good”.
Therefore if the lord God has declared that he will destroy the power of evil people and give strength to those who are good, then where lays your power if you’re not good.
Those who are not good according to the lord God are those who look down on others who are the same image of God so he will destroy such wicked people and give strength to those who are good.
And for those who are good in the eyes of the lord are those who are meek, humble, obedient, respectful, caring, prayerful, sympathetic, kind and in all follow the footsteps of Christ the begotten son of God who wiped out all sins from the earth.
Ladies and gentlemen, the bible according to Psalm 75, has made it clear to us that we do not have any power therefore we should stop bragging.
In fact it made it more simple to understand from verse four to six where I stress on again saying,” you tell every bragger stop bragging and to the wicked you say don’t boast of your power. Stop bragging. Quit telling me how great you are”.
This is a powerful warning God is giving to every mankind. Are you fond of bragging, boasting or feel proud of your self that no one can be more than you?
May be your business strength is going down, your academic performance is going down, your excellent performance in sports can not be relied upon anymore, your electorate does not feel confident in you anymore just for one thing.
You have been bragging a lot about who you are but you are not taking note of the downward trend your bragging and boasting is causing all these downfalls.
The word of wisdom or the word of life is telling you and me that we should not brag neither should we boast otherwise the God of David, God of Abraham, God of Isaac, God of Joshua and the God of this world will take the power from us and give it to those who are good meaning those who worship him in truth and honest.
May the lord God help you to understand him better especially to stop bragging and quit telling people who you are or how great you are and acknowledge that all power belongs to God and his son Jesus as well as the Holy Spirit whiles we are his servants.
May the good God bless and reward you as you change from your wicked ways and humble yourself before him. May his face shine brightly on you so that you will live to bear testimonies of him to others to also change for all of us to enjoy the needed peace and love God created for us amen.
Stephen A.Quaye, is a freelance journalist currently residing in Toronto-Canada. You can reach him by