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Opinions of Sunday, 5 January 2014

Columnist: Gyimah, A. P.

Who Am I To Curse Kwaku Sammy To Cause Him To Die?


FELLOW GHANAIANS, Who Am I To Curse Kwaku Sammy To Cause Him To Die?

It is three months since September 29, 2013, when Highlife Radio broadcast to the world that I have a criminal record. Following that statement, interested parties have made several comments against me, including announcing to the world that, I, A. P. Gyimah, was the one who cursed one Kwaku Sammy, who used to live in Canada to cause him to die.

I would like for the entire world community to know and understand that I had no hand in the said Kwaku Sammy’s death. Therefore, effective immediately, I advise those of you who have not as yet participated in the said accusation not to join in accusing me of being Kwaku Sammy’s killer, because my hands are clean in Kwaku Sammy’s death. I am not bothered about the accusation because the Almighty God and His subsidiary gods of Ghana will bring the truth to the doorstep of every Ghanaian and people of Ghana.

To prove to the world that my hands are clean in regards to Kwaku Sammy’s death, I have invoked the spirits of two deities; one is the river deity in the town of Antoa near Kumasi, to kill me if indeed I ever cursed the Kwaku Sammy when he was alive. This is because if I did curse him, then, I have lied to the world community in this report.

On the other hand, if I did not curse Kwaku Sammy, then anyone who has accused me of cursing Kwaku Sammy to people on the phone, radio station(s) in particular, or any other electronic communication device, by face-to-face communication, or by any other means, directly or indirectly, I only ask that the deities cause the world to learn that what they said were lies. If the accusers are more than ten, then, I ask the deities to only bring the ring leaders into book and leave the rest to go.

If my accusers are my family members – immediate and extended, people from my parents’ hometowns or the Ejisu-Juaben municipality, people who biologically-relate to me – paternal and maternal, people of the hometowns my children come from (my children defined as my own only biological son and the biological and adopted children of my brothers and sisters, children living with my mom, if any), chiefs and leaders of Ghana and people of villages/towns/cities where I have ever lived, friends, including Facebook friends and people who have helped me and/or my family members in diverse ways since birth – either in Ghana or in the Diaspora, or anywhere else, my formal wife or wives and their family members - immediate and extended, if any, and my formal girl friend(s) and their immediate and extended family members, former school mates) the deities must not kill or touch them because they owe an obligation to speak against/criticize me if they heard that I killed Kwaku Sammy. Furthermore, if they are non-Akan, the deities must not kill or discipline them because they might not have understood the Twi language very well. If, however, the accusers are Akan, and do not belong to any of the categories excepted above, I call on the deities to force them to openly admit that their accusations against me were false. After that the deities should decide their fate. Furthermore, any Akan who may have criticized me in good faith, whether s/he is included in the exceptions stated-above or not, must be as well forgiven by the deities.

Thank you my dear Ghanaians and all the people of Ghana and stand by for the step 2.