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Opinions of Sunday, 25 October 2015

Columnist: Imoro, Issah

"Which is more anti-Northern: 31st December, 1981 or Afoko's suspension"

I have always been worried at how the NDC as a political party toys with the sensibilities of Ghanaians using their usual ethnocentric and vile propaganda which is always directed towards the attainment of two (2) goals:

1. To shift the focuss of Ghanains away from their ineptitude and mismanagement of our beloved country.


2. Deepen the already existing tribal politics which they have created through propaganda.

Thus, in the wake of the suspension of Mr. Paul Afoko by the NPP, there has been a concerted effort by some of the apparatchiks of the NDC and even some so called Political analysts to rekindle a tag they have succesfully placed on the NPP.

So now, they seem to achieve point one above which is by shifting the focuss of some Ghanaians away from their incompetence in the management of the country especially in the heat of recent debates about the country's debt stock and worsening energy crisis.

The NDC should be the last political party to accuse anyone of an anti-Northern agenda. They have soon forgotten that it was the founder of their party, Jerry Rawlings and his cohorts who overthrew Dr. Hilla Liman, the first democratically elected President from the North.

Do they imagine the appreciable level of development that the North would have enjoyed even if Dr. Liman was as incompetent as that of Mills and Mahama put together? Why then have they not labelled themselves as Anti-Northern but yet seek to use the suspension of Mr. Paul Afoko for such propaganda?

Who is more powerful? A President of Ghana or a Chairman of an opposition party? Which is worse? The Coup D'etat or indefinite suspension?

Well, I do not blame them. I pity the poor rural folk in remote Bole in the Northern Region who go to the Hospital everyday to enjoy Health Insurance but are given pieces of prescription cards to go and buy drugs at commercial pharmacies. They cannot afford for those medications but yet are brainwashed to think that the NPP Government which introduced and managed the Health Insurance is anti-North.

I pity the poor man from Gwollu, Dr. Liman's district whose son qualified for S.H.S three (3) years ago but had to wait for John Mahama's "progressive" free S.H.S because he was made to believe that Akuffo Addo's free S.H.S. was impossible. His son waisted 3 years sitting and waiting for the "Progressive" free S.H S but yet he still has the ears to listen to baseless propaganda.

I pity my brother from Bawku who worked with a company in Tema but has been forced to return back home because he was dismissed by his company because of the energy crisis. Yet, he is made to believe in this cheap popaganda.

I pity the young graduate who has spent over 4 years sitting at home and receiving chop money from his parents after graduation without a job but yet falls easily for such propaganda.

In all fairness, this type of propaganda is an insult to the intellect of Northerners and unless Northerners rise against these types of insults people will continue to treat us with contempt eventhough we have some of the best brains in Ghana.



Would you believe someone said the call for a new voters register was meant to disenfranchise Northerners and Voltarians? You can guess the camp this logic is from.

Dr. Issah Imoro