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Opinions of Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Columnist: Adofo, Rockson

Which Do You Prefer – Sanitary Pads or Better Hospitals?

The stubborn "Yen ntie obiara" John Mahama government should not proceed with that "create, loot and share" supply of sanitary pads. Ghanaians do not prefer free sanitary pads to be supplied to supposedly, but unknown, deprived areas Secondary school girls.

Why is the President so myopic in his management of Ghana? He is always full of ideas that have the potential to continually sink the economy of Ghana. Where does he get those shallow-minded ideas bordering on milking Ghanaians all of the time from? Many Ghanaians prefer good hospitals, operational NHIS and possibly, free medication to what is completely nonsensical supply of free sanitary pads to certain, but not all, Secondary school girls.

It is sad that most, if not all, of our country’s Members of Parliament are as clueless, unfeeling and lacking in farsightedness as the President. How on earth could they vote in support of a completely non essential, non critical, policy of supplying sanitary pads to selected Secondary school girls? Has the President gone mad or what?

Let us put it to national vote to see how many people will vote against the supply of the comfort pads than those voting for better medical care in general. Majority of Ghanaians, if not all, prefer better operational healthcare system to the cosmetic supply of free sanitary pads.

When I hear people like Kwesi Pratt and Co supporting all policies that the hallucinating President comes up with, I say to myself, there is no wonder that Ghana’s economy is sinking at crescendo. They think about guaranteeing their salaries gained through doing nothing of collective benefit to Ghanaians, but by simply supporting and defending all the aimless "create, loot and share" policies by the government.
Why cannot the government spend the money for the sanitary pads on job creation? Create jobs in those purported deprived areas. Once the parents of those girls are able to secure jobs that will bring in constant income (wages or salaries) to their households, they will have money to purchase their children sanitary pads. What the President and his NDC MPs are in favour of does not make sense in the ears of discerning Ghanaians. What are the areas he has in mind, I want to know.

Any Secondary school girl that will choose to stay home whenever they are on their period must be out of their mind. There must be more to their staying home on pretence of being on their period than it meets the eye. The President should disclose those areas so we can arrange independent international charities to investigate to ascertain the truth in what the "Ede bii keke" President is saying.

I hope the President’s wife has not won the contract to supply the free pads. Are we having President Sanitary Pads in addition to President "Me be dii bi keke?" Wonders, indeed, will never cease in Ghana!

The President with his NDC cohorts think they are smarter to always fool Ghanaians. The supply of the free sanitary pads is only a devised means to depleting the coffers of Ghana as usual, by these diehard politicians turned into criminals and pen-robbers. They want to obtain easy buck for the NDC towards buying over voters during election 2016.

Until when will Ghanaians bite their tongue while this clueless President inflicts daylight robbery on the people with impunity? He should be informed that "Obstinacy is the cause of the horns of the hornbill". Let him carry on with his blatant "yen ntie obiara" cum "edi bii keke" philosophy for there is a time for everything and whatever goes up must come down.