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Opinions of Saturday, 1 August 2015

Columnist: Ashitey, Emmanuel Amarh

Where is the better Ghana agenda promised by the NDC

...government the cry of Ghanaians.

Most Ghanaians citizens know the evils committed by politicians on a daily basis but for fear of retribution, they do not mention them in public. This is because some of those who have come forward to reveal the wickedness of politicians more often have fallen into trouble.

Today in Ghana hunger, starvation, insecurity, lack of health and hospital facilities, lack of pipe borne water, fake drugs, bad roads, non-payment of salaries, lack of electricity, high unemployment are being used as legitimate instruments of governance– thanks to this generation of leaders in Ghana who has no mercy on the ordinary Ghanaian. We are in a country where the cry of the voter is never giving the necessary attention. Doctors, Nurses, Teachers and the entire work force is crying for the hardship facing country. Where is they better Ghana agenda promised by the current NDC government.
High inflation has priced essential commodities out of the reach of the common men and women, coupled with unpaid salaries for as much 11 months and up to 3 years and this is true. How have Ghanaians been coping in the face of a deplorable standard of living in the country, political leaders in this country has fail the entire nation?
Again, how have the people coped with hunger and starvation over the current Leadership of President John Mahama administration of misrule? hospitals began to be shut down as doctors are unpaid, government began to owe workers and pensioners salaries, children began to hawk drinking water to help their parents make money to survive, some turned to armed robbery, others became more creative by developing scams and 419 scoops etc., others fled Ghana in search of green card for survival only to meet their death in the USA.
Workers are being owed salaries for over 11 months and in some cases for almost three years. In the face of resentment and indignation of the masses in Ghana, some of these leaders have approached opinion leaders/molders- spiritual leaders to buy their conscience and remain quiet, just because the government want to be clean while the whole country is in a mess.
The responses of Ghanaians to the massive corruption, mismanagement and abuse of power by this current government is difficult to explain. Normal human beings would have long exhausted the ability to absorb pain and suffering, but how can one explain? Would it be right to assume that Ghanaians are happy with this government or that Ghanaians are simply going to follow the old tradition of giving this government a second term for these rogues? Trying to understand the behavior of Ghanaians is very difficult, but some seem to think the people are simply confused about this current government.