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Opinions of Tuesday, 29 January 2019

Columnist: Alhajj Suleman

When public space is taken over by weak minds

MP for Assin Central, Kennedy Agyapong MP for Assin Central, Kennedy Agyapong

Perhaps one of the most expensive commodities of a nation, is its public space. Public space has many definitions and dimensions but the one that readily comes to mind, is the one provided by the media.

Given the expensive nature of this space, it is important standards for having access to it are raised so that it's not overly crowded. Crowding here means having so many people within the space; making it difficult to defog it and see through which of the occupants of the space are worthy and which ones are not.

We all recall how the mismanagement and abuse of this scarce commodity in Rwanda resulted in a massive massacre. This space, other countries have used to reshape the thinking of their people. The space has been used to create environments that are conducive for the forward match of society in other parts of the world.

But who is it that can control and properly manage this space in order to weed out the weak-minded occupants? Before I proceed, who are the weak-minded occupants? These are a crop of people who use public space to misinform the people. Weak-minded occupants use public space to compete for loudness in voice. These weak-minded occupants hijack the space for showmanship, smearing, slandering, and for picking fights against people they think are inimical to their selfish selves. Virtually, what they do is to dabble in vituperations: callous ones at that.

Having defined these weak-minded occupants, do you think Ghana has seen the likes of such occupants in the past and present? I say yes! We have seen people who incited tribes against the others. We have seen people who have levelled allegations against prominent people in society without a scintilla of proof. Such people have hidden under the cloak of politics, to sway public opinions into a direction that ultimately favours them. Weak-minded occupants think themselves highly when they're referred to as: maverick, controversial, tough-talking, etc.. Screaming from the rooftops with empty and hollow voices. Yes! Their voices are empty and hollow because for them, making noise is synonymous to proof. Making noise and exuding emotionally amateurish behaviour for these weak-minded occupants, is evidence enough.

Who's to blame? You and I. We give too much attention to reckless talkatives. Our hypocrisy as a people has served as fertile grounds for these weak-minded occupants to fester and flourish. We claim to hate corruption: how far have we gone to fight for anti-corruption crusaders who are mostly unduly victimised by people who are the end users of corruption? We watch on and allow weak-minded occupants to throw invectives at anti-corruption crusaders without any justifiable course.

The tactic of these weak-minded occupants, is to create a thick fog of lies around anti-corruption crusaders. Those who are supposed to hold these weak-minded occupants to strict proof, mostly shirk this responsibility simply because everyone wants to be the host of a 'blow man'. "Yea, it was on my show that he made this comment". So even when a weak-minded occupant insults them on their own shows, they let it pass and they still continue to offer this weak-minded occupant the space the next time.

See how we're abusing a precious commodity as public space? We were in this country when everyone was crying about corruption in Ghana football. A state probe proved that these cries about endemic corruption were true but the impotence of the state clearly manifested when nothing was done to nip it. Years later, one bold citizen who has sacrificed his personal freedoms for the sake of public good, goes after these irredeemably corrupt officials of Ghana football and comes with hardcore evidence. The evidence served as basis for the president to take very drastic measures against the football association. FIFA with the sophistry at its disposal, probes the matter and finds far-reaching corruption and hits so hard at the culprits.

Before this monumental expos?, one man took the whole nation on a coaster ride. He obfuscated the media space with so many allegations against this man whose effort has led to extensive reforms in Ghana football. We watched on and followed this man whom to me, is under the category or is even the leader of the weak-minded occupants of public space, until he sent us to nowhere. None of his allegations has been proven. Shockingly, nobody is asking him why he doesn't talk about; he is not a lawyer, he killed JB Danquah, he doesn't pay taxes, he is an extortionist, etc anymore. Why is nobody asking this weak-minded occupant about all those unproven allegations?

Is that how we want to manage the precious commodity, public space? Allow weak-minded occupants to spew tosh and get away unchecked? Fast forward, after the death of the hero, Ahmed Hussein-Suale, this weak mind in a predictable manner, has started another chapter of hollow talks, lampooning Ghanaians with lies and bragging. "Me, I don't fear anyone ooo". "Come and see the shoes I'm wearing". "Motherf**"... Ah, is that how we want to manage the space?

No wonder Nkrabea Effah Darte who was badly bruised when he defended some clients who were exposed by this one-man-crusader and his team, also threw in his version of weak-mindedness. He said: "if Anas was in America, he and his team would have been wiped by a sniper". Arrant balderdash. Which individual in America would commit to fight corruption and by so doing, loose his freedoms when state institutions have the wherewithal to fight corruption? Did Nkrabea think to that level? And those who manage the space didn't take him on for this infantile comment? Was he tacitly suggesting that someone should wipe Anas and his team? What a callous thought!

Another weak mind spoke today and of course, he was given the space. Kofi Akpaloo. He said: "I suspect Anas knows something about the death of Ahmed". Ah, I weep for Ghana. This man wanted to be president some time ago. Eei. After eating whatever he ate and being unable to comprehend what is going on, he throws in this rotten comment. Is it his way to relaunch himself into fame or to attract the attention of the self-acclaimed 'richest man' in Ghana for possible tips? His claim is that Hafiz (one of the surrogates of the weak-mind) had died mysteriously. What's a mysterious death? Did someone murder him? Was he poisoned? You don't know but you proceed to suspect someone who has no criminal record to be behind his death simply because he was one of the 'bought commodities' of the weak-minded occupant.

Enough of the wasting of the public space. This brigade of weak-minded occupants must be weeded out to allow Ghanaians think through issues. We're tired of the noisemakers who offer nothing except virulent tosh. Between him and his 'basket of deplorables' (his sycophantic followers) and this one-man-crusader, who has been more beneficial to Ghana? On this note, I say: when public space is occupied by weak minds, critical thinkers are crowded out.

God save Ghana from weak-minded occupants like Kennedy Agyapong!