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Opinions of Friday, 26 March 2010

Columnist: Adofo, Rockson

When Asantehene Speaks, the Wise Listens

& Calm Descends on Techiman and Tuobodom.

There is an alleged assassination attempt made on Techimanhene by Tuobodomhene in the year of Our Lord Jesus Christ, 2008. The case is said to have been reported to the police, pursued and got stalled somewhere along the line. Who is to blame for justice failing to take a speedy course in respect of the reported assassination attempt made on Techimanhene? May I kindly ask Nana Techimanhene and his fervent ignorant supporters who have recently infested the cyberspace etc. lambasting Asantehene to answer the above posed question?

Techimanhene out of desperation but eager to ensure his perceived principal assassin was duly punished decided to exercise his constitutional right of powers of arrest. He ordered his body guard-macho men to kidnap Tuobodomhene any time they felt the condition was conducive. Lo and behold, Tuobodomhene was ambushed and captured according as plotted, in Wenchi. He was muffled, tied up at legs and hands, and thrown into a waiting car. He was taken as far as Techiman’s palace, and maltreated. He was bared, paraded and mocked in front of the palace guys. He was physically personally kicked by Techimanhene when he refused to rather pay allegiance to him instead of Asantehene. Was Tuobodomhene not kidnapped because of issues bordering on allegiance instead of assassination attempt as alleged? Why was he then kicked and stamped by Techimanhene when he refused, though under duress, to divert his allegiance paid to Asantehene back to him, Techimanhene?

Anyway, my main concern is about those who have intentionally or otherwise misconstrued Asantehene’s firm stance taken to resolve the problem between Techimanhene and the Tuobodomhene. It was a simmering chieftaincy issue that could have escalated into a war between Tuobodom and Techiman. Would their allies not have got involved if the situation had degenerated into war? Why then is Asantehene’s timely intervention to forestall that possibility not being appreciated but disapproved by certain individuals who are exhibiting signs, acts, and attitudes of inferiority complex? You are justified to hate the Asantehene or the Asantes and their allies based on your parochial mindedness and self-conscious inferiority complex be that as it may.

Asantehene does not condone acts of waywardness. Asantehene does not condone crime. This is why he came out boldly to speak against the untoward attitude of Techimanhene. If Tuobodomhene had been reported to him by whomever, accused of attempting to assassinate Techimanhene, Asantehene would hopefully have dealt with Tuobodomhene. It is out of character for anyone to try to assassinate another. It is a crime which has to be punished but not condoned. If Tuobodomhene did actually make attempt on the life of Techimanhene, then he has to be punished according to the laws of the land. But was kidnapping as executed by Techimanhene on him the most appropriate means to resolving the impasse? No!

Some are of the opinion that Asantehene acted equally irresponsibly as Techimanhene by way of how he conducted his public declaration on Techimanhene’s despicable attitude. I beg to differ. Some have even gone to the length to cite the following adage to buttress their contention. “If a dog bites you, do you (the human being) also threaten to bite the dog back? Who is more stupid in this case?” Asantehene tactfully came out to issue a conditional warning which worked according as wished. It has amicably resolved the situation although temporarily. Those who are of the bastardized opinion as expressed, have they forgotten that it is said, “If all human beings are turning into animals, do also turn into an animal. Or else, they will turn on you; devour you after they have metamorphosed into beasts”. What is their take on this? Asantehene showed a quality of leadership worthy of emulation. Instead of being nervously envious and childish as they have thus far been, the critics had rather better applaud Asantehene and the Asanteman Council for their timely intervention. In the end, Techimanhene has come out to declare that he will allow peace and the proper laws of the land to take their course. He has further declared that he has no further problems with Tuobodomhene and will ensure not to have any problem with the Asantehene. He will no longer act as a recalcitrant same believing that his political NDC party is in power and that he can commit crimes with impunity. He has changed for the better. I salute him for his wise decision. How did he become a reformed person, I am asking those insane personalities who are destructively criticising the Asantehene.

Peace has come to reign in Tuobodom and Techiman forever. Tuobodomhene will no longer walk the streets of Ghana always looking over his shoulder thinking someone is lurking around to kidnap him. He is a free man forever from the threats of Techimanhene. All those infringing on the laws of Ghana in the false belief of “yen aban na aba” will take a cue from the mishap of Techimanhene to cease living in their fantasy world. The law will finally catch up with them. President Mills and the security agencies have woken up to their urgent tasks. I commend them for acting swiftly to avert possible danger. I appreciate the role played by the Asanteman Council, the President of the Brong & Ahafo Regional House of Chiefs, all the delegates who mediated to bring about peace and all those sensible Ghanaians worldwide who see sense in the initiative taken by Asantehene.

Asantehene requested in his speech that President Atta Mills should choose between him and Techimanhene. Many are those that are making wild allegations, unnecessary accusatory noises, or hues and cries about his firmest stance as expressed in his declaration of “Choosing between a responsible chief who gives the law a chance to take its course and an irresponsible chief who is a law unto himself”. Asantehene simply meant that nobody is to be allowed to take the laws into their own hands to commit irresponsible acts in the hope of going scot free afterwards. He expressed that view in a bold way. He threatened to seize Techimanhene only if those in authority would allow him to saunter the streets priding himself as an audacious untouchable cowboy kidnapper. He would only be arrested if he came to Kumasi. It was a conditional statement; please the experts and laymen alike take note.

Now, the case has been resolved amicably. This is all that we called for. The unnecessary accusations and counter-accusations should please cease. Our chiefs are constitutionally recognised. Please our chiefs, cease certain attitudes of yours that will make us detest having chiefs in Ghana at all.

We are all friends, one people, one nation and with a common destiny. There should be no more fights between us. We are all Ghanaians in the first place. No more tribal animosity. Long live Ghana. Long live our responsible chiefs. Long live all Ghanaians, and long live the Republic.

Rockson Adofo