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Opinions of Thursday, 15 March 2018

Columnist: Kwame Kyeretwie-Amponsah

Analysis and projection of the NPP-USA chairmanship race

Even in opposition, the NPP was an attractive brand and party not to talk of being in power. In Ghana and all over the diaspora branches the quest to hold political office within the party has seriously intensified. And that of the NPP-USA executive race is no exception.

From Frida, March 16 to Sunday, March 18, 2018 in Atlanta, Georgia, the NPP-USA will be holding a conference to elect its new executives. The campaigning thus far has been very intense. Competing candidates are taking no prisoners; talking to every voter and visiting some state chapters there is to visit. The chairmanship race which offers a topmost position to its winning candidate is one of an interesting one to look out for.

In this piece, I will attempt to do an in-depth analysis of the contest to give a fair idea of the expected projected outcome. Beyond the candidates’ excellence academic qualifications, there are other equally important qualities and attributes that will determine the winner of the day; loyal to the party, dedication, and commitment to party duties, and above all their track record of political activism (The Yenim wo firi tete cliche)

Obaa Amponsah Frimpong has been a known voice within the rank and file of the NPP USA branch. Her dedication to the cause of the NPP is unquestionable. She held the forth in the Colorado Chapter which saw her elevation to the second vice chairperson position of the branch during the Nana Agyei-Yeboah led administration.

She never missed out on any of the branch's event regardless of where it was held. She was part of the many demonstration that was held against the then incompetent Mahama government in Washington DC and New York City. When duty called in Ghana, Obaa Yaa Frimpong was there. She helped led the mobilized diasporans to effectively discharge their duties to the party before during and after the 2016 elections. The presence of Obaa Yaa as always felt in NPP-USA was equally felt in Ghana during the elections.

When duty called Nana Agyei-Yeboah and few others to help the Akufo-Addo government prosecute its visions and aspirations, the onus once again fell on Obaa Yaa Frimpong to in an acting chairperson-ship position steer the affair of the branch. And she did not disappoint! Within that short time, much could be said about her impact and presence of her dedication to work.

The party Conference at Cape Coast and Kumasi revealed the ability, capability and the suave political leadership skills of Obaa Yaa to the admiration of party both home and abroad NPP and Ghanaians at large. Her track record is solid.

On the contrary, her opponent, Dr. Anthony Adade is little known in the NPP-USA fraternity. After serving as the chairman of the Worcester Chapter of the branch in its early stage, the good Doctor went into complete political hibernation. And he’s been away for far too long for over a decade and a half until recently when he surfaced in the affairs of the branch just because he was asked by the Worcester chapter to release his house for a dinner meeting with the then-candidate Nana Akufo-Addo. But for before these times, nothing was absolutely heard of him or from him in the 2008, 2012 and 2016 elections.

Dr. Adade’s claim to contest for the chairmanship race is merely on giving his house out to host a dinner meeting on behalf of the chapter.

But in all these insights, just like fellow patriots in Ghana, the NPP-USA branch members rewards loyalty, dedication and commitment to the cause of the party. These are the very factors that will decide the outcome of the elections. Going by this trend makes the prediction of the outcome of the election of the chairman/chairperson easy. And talking to voters across the state give me sense of what the outcome will be.

The East Coast which comprises of states like New York, Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Jersey, Philadelphia, Delaware, Pennsylvania, Maryland DC Metro and few others, Obaa Yaa’s presence could really be felt there. However, some observers are a bit skeptic of her impact in the Maryland state.

They are of the opinion that Dr. Abrefa Gyan who is aspiring for the First Vice Chairperson position of the branch favors the candidacy of Dr. Adade for the chairmanship position and thus runs a coordinated campaign with Dr. Adade. But my checks show that regardless of Tina’s presence, some voters are willing to vote for Obaa Yaa.

The North West and West Coast chapters such as Minnesota, Illinois (Chicago), Ohio (Columbus and Cincinnati), Colorado, Arizona and California offer a dedicated support for the candidacy of Obaa Yaa Frimpong. The selected voters within this state who were talked to shared their warm experiences in working with Obaa Yaa Frimpong. To some, the outcome of the chairmanship race is a no-brainer at all.

Texas (Dallas and Houston), Georgia Atlanta, and North Carolina chapters are a no-go area for Dr. Tony Adade who is little known in these chapters. Talking to voter there turned out to be interesting when voters rather asked to be given the background and contribution of Dr. Tony Adade, Unlike Obaa Yaa which is a household name across these states. Most voters in these states appreciated the acting chairperson role of Obaa Yaa thus far and feel that she should be given the full mandate to continue what she has started.

Out of the sample size of 150 voters selected for this analysis from the 331 eligible voters put out by the Election Committee of the branch, Obaa Yaa Frimpong is projected to secure between 70 to 75 percent while her contender, Dr. Tony Adade is projected to secure between 25 to 30 percent of the total vote cast.

It will be a landslide victory for Obaa Yaa Frimpong.