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Opinions of Saturday, 12 November 2016

Columnist: Oben, Nana

What is wrong with the Akans, (especially Fantis) anyway? – Part 2

By Nana Oben

A few days ago, Mahama’s Chief of Staff, Julius Debra REPEATED Candidate Mahama’s spiel at a rally in the North, that Mahama is one of them, and so they should vote for him. Nobody has raised any issue with this tribalistic statement. Not even the AKANS who have been sidelined by President Mahama and his NDC govt. have rebuked this rallying cry. Interestingly, about a year ago Honourable Osafo Marfo was criticized from ALL corners, (Akans, Ewes, Northerners, etc.) for allegedly saying the obvious: that the Akans have been marginalized by the Mills/Mahama administrations. The question to ask is “NA WHO CAUSE AM” If the tables were turned with the Northerners and/or Ewes in the Majority, would we ever have an Akan or a Ga elected president of Ghana?

Isn’t it absurd that DESPITE HIS SERVICE TO THE AREA, Dr. Paa Kwesi Nduom got less than 1000 votes in the last election, from his own KEEA constituency of over 10,000 voters.? No single individual continues to do more for the region; and yet support from his Fanti constituency is lukewarm.

Nowadays, almost All scholarships go to Northerners and Ewes. The high unemployment in the country IS disproportionately much higher among the Akan and Ga youths; AFTER LOADING ALL INSTITUTIONS (Police, Customs, Hospitals, etc.) WITH NORTHERN AND VOLTARIAN JOB SEEKERS, MAHAMA’S GOVT. PLACED AN EMBARGO ON HIRING; DELIBERATELY LOCKING OUT AKANS AND GA’S OUT OF THE JOB MARKET. Mahama and his NDC are bragging in their campaign that, thanks to Prez. Mahama, 26,000 teachers and 16,000 nurses NOW HAVE JOBS. If these figures are EVEN correct, I can bet my bottom cedi that 88% of them are Northerners and Ewes The remaining 12% are kids of party faithful’s and girlfriends. And just a few weeks ago, Mr. Jujius Debrah, Mahama’s Chief of Staff was reminding NORTHERNERS THAT Mahama was one of them so they should vote him back into power.

Mr.Allotey Jacobs and Chief Biney echo on radio stations Mahama’s lies that his NDC govt. is “creating ENABLING conditions for future jobs”. They are suggesting Akans and Ga’s should therefore wait another four years for those jobs, and vote Mahama back into power. It is bad enough having your sons/daughters, brothers/sisters “raped”, but to actually aid and assist the rapists time after time (as we listen to and see our Akan NDC trumpeters) is both sacrilegious and “criminal”. In fact, Nursing and Teaching students should NOT fall for Mahama’s lies of “restoring” their allowances; graduate Teachers and Nurses, and other unemployed graduates should NOT waste their energies going to picket at the Flag Staff House. THEY SHOULD RATHER WALK DOOR TO DOOR IN THEIR VARIOUS VILLAGES TO CAMPAING FOR THE OUSTER OF THIS MAHAMA’S NDC GOVT.

It is time WE Akans and Ga’s wake up to the fact that our fortunes are in our own hands!! Jerry John Rawlings and John Mahama have shown us that we can’t depend on other tribes for our socio-economic growth. Couldn’t the NDC Akans TRADE the Fanti vote for an Akan presidential candidate? After all President Mahama has shown us what he thinks of, and treats Akans, especially Fantis.

Recently, Awulae Annor Adjaye, Paramount Chief of the Western Nzema Traditional Area, resurrected their call for a 10% share of the oil revenues coming out of their region, to offset negative impact of the new oil industry in the western region.

This new call should NOT have even been necessary, as candidate John Mahama UNDERSTOOD THE RATIONALE AND PROMISED to honor the original request during his campaign in the area. In the last 8 years, that 10% has gone somewhere else (probably into off shore accounts of some party gurus and Alhaji’s), besides the Western Region. Once again some westerners, fed crumbs by the NDC govt. think they’ve had it sooo good that they are the loud ones leading the discussion AGAINST the 10% revenue retention for their own communities’ livelihood and development. IT IS SOO SAD INDEED.

Fellow Ghanaians, previous governments since 1957, Nkrumah’s, Ankrah’s, Busia’s, Akufo’s Acheampong’s, Rawlings’, Kufuor’s and Mills’ ALL “CREATED INFRASTRUCTURE” - schools, colleges, universities, hospitals, clinics, Akosombo and Bui dams, thermal power plants, airports and harbours, virgin highways from Elubo to Aflao, from the coast to the North, Fly-overs/interechanges (over 8), VIRGIN urban and rural roads and streets, Ghana Airways and Black Star Lines, Ghana Telecom and GBC, The Ministries, Estate communities, our military, our stadia, courts, parliament, state hotels, etc., etc. etc.
In fact, 99.9% of ALLL our infrastructure to date was created before John Mahama’s govt. and AT A DEBT STOCK OF UNDER US$ 19.0 Bil. John Mahama wants us to believe that IN ONLY THE PAST 6 YEARS, HIS ADMINISTRATION HAVE USED OVER US$ 35 Bil (US$ 29.0 Bil. Borrowed + US$ 3.0 Bil, oil revenue + US$ 5.0 Bil. additional taxes) to create the remaining 0.1% of our infrastructure, To quote our judge, “create, loot and share” indeed. And Mahama wants us to vote him and his cronies back again!!.

AKANS, REMEMBER: It is bad enough having your sons/daughters, brothers/sisters deceived, cheated, or “raped”, but to actually participate, aid and assist the rapists time after time (as we peel away mounds of leaves off our own staple foods, or listen to and see our Akan NDC trumpeters) is both sacrilegious and “criminal”.

First, we Fantis MUST STOP SELLING TO EACH OTHER OUR KENKEY, FOMFOM, and EPITSI LOADED WITH LEAVES. Then we can graduate to supporting our own for national Executive positions such as the Presidency.

The saddest part of this deliberate marginalization of Akans, especially the Fantis, means very few Fantis or Akans will even have a chance to read this on web media. It is up to Educated Fantis/Akans to enlighten our kith and kin about this evil being perpetuated on us by Rawlings/Mahama’s NDC with tricks and cheap giveaways for our votes; so that they can continue to lord over and marginalize us, loot our resources for a FEW Northerners and Ewes.