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Opinions of Tuesday, 16 May 2006

Columnist: Bolus, Mercy Adede

What is the vision for Ghana?s Sea?s, River Volta and Lakes?

Ghana is best with having everything natural gift from God. Not only do we have the Sea in the South, Mountains in the East, Lakes, Savannah, tropical rainforest etc. Ghana is also the only country in the whole wide world with a manmade lake. However we seem to have a short-term vision for these gifts. Comparing the communications link across the River Volta and The River Thames, Ghana would have equally have Tower Bridge, Accra Bridge and others land mark to capitalise on the advantages these bridges bring to a community. I hope The Government is considering a replica of the Tower Bridge in London in Ghana because if Kwame Nkrumah were to be our current leader he would pursue this. Why can?t we have it and display our cultural heritage there too. Ghana is not a second class country or are we?

Ghanaians would not have had to travel to greener pastures if subsequent Government have planned strategically meaning 20 years planning rather get rich quick and spend the money in a foreign land or building many mansions. What Politicians fail to understand is that it is better to invest in community development in every town and village, if one wants to sit and relax and enjoy life than to loot the pot and just offer token development here and there. Some members of the general public have experienced a total transformation of Ghana. Hence their expectations are higher than the politicans who have not even travelled around Ghana to see the opportunities Ghana have to offer to the world let alone travelled the world.

Sooner or later these token development exposes the Government through lack of a uniformed governance.

Many people using of KIVP may think it is primitive forgetting that people in the countryside of Sweden, France, and other are currently using this system as the most environmentally friendily way of waste disposal. Ghana has got everything any country would wish and dream for, despite of these we appear to live in poverty and we are blended as a poor nation. Could it be the leaders we have don?t have that leadership qualifies? Or could it have due to lack of vision? God would not forgive those leaders who have pretending to be concerned about the vulnerable in our society whilst feathering their own nest. Leaders are not made but born and groomed into such position to unite a country, to be resilient and determine to succeed against the odds. Long-term visionary?s people are what Ghana needs now. People who have MBA, the marketing know how. Only people of this calibre need to qualify for the presidential post. Not this person would do. Ghana needs quality leaders with the right skills, capacity and capability with good sense of humour and the ability to pull the crowd. A team leader more or less person who is focus on making a difference for the most vulnerable in our society.

It is about time Ghana?s lagoons, lakes, rivers; seas are transformed into pleasant areas for employment?s, recreational centres, leisure parks, effective transportation and effective communication links for market women, and other businesses. What are Ghana problems then? What more do Ghanaians leaders want from God after showeriong us with all these mentions abundance natural gifts. The late President Kwame Nkrumah started this off. Had this abilites and attributes. Who could match him his personalities? I think the answer is none. Having travelled the world, Kwame Nkrumah knew exactly what he wanted for Ghana. He was seeing what the then developing world were trying to do and quickly he was also trying to emulate as he felt it was necessary for Ghana to follow suit. For example, The Kwame Nkrumah circle with it water fountain was unique and spectacular in the 1960?s. I?m right to say that is the only water known water fountain in the 1960?s.

Ghana needs to shows off more water fountains in all our regions not just in Accra. Palaces for Kings and Chiefs should be designed in a way that appeal to the eye with modern designs plus the traditional architectural input. The slums of Accra such Sukula, Zongo etc need to have a face lift with planting of trees, water fountains, play grounds for children, parks, community centres, library and a free computer caf?? to encourage community usage and improved sanitation.

Our TV programmes need s to have sessions on wild life programmes showing off the benefits of the River Volta and activities along it. Ghana Broadcasting Corporation could liase with BBC to do a joint programme on nature programmes showing off the River Volta. Fishing expeditions trips could be linked with major hotels, motels and bed and break fast to encourage a rather diverse way of income generating. Ghana has a long way to go. I believe Government that come in should surf the Internet to grasp or link up with the experts who are currently writing article to expose our weakness.

A clever Government would rather liaise with these professionals? and work in partnership with these expert in their various fields.

These people have a sincere love for Ghana thus foreign consultants that come into the country with their own hidden agenda.

Ghana need to use its rivers, sea and lakes more efficiently and extensively to maximum any income generating activities along our lagoons, sea, rivers and lakes.

The Internet has all the information need for research and the government official?s needs to embrace these information into their strategic planning of the bridges, transportation systems, recreational visions etc.

Ghana has the potential to make it as a successful country.

It is good to see the Minister of Health and and the Minister for Tourism travelling together to share ideas regarding their trip to Cuba. Please try Thailand and try investigate why most people would rather visit there than Ghana and make Ghana a place worth visiting within the next 20 years.

I pray that our Government?s think big embracing all ideas shared as this is the only way forward in life. The world is dynamic and ghana needs to start moving with the times in the transformation.

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