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Opinions of Monday, 28 November 2016

Columnist: Abdullah, Abdullah

What is happening in Ghana this election season?

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Abdullah Abdullah

Gentlemen, We’ve all read about the inordinate losses of live this electoral season. The frequency is alarming. We do not have the FBI in Ghana. Our Police force and investigators are not adequately equipped to investigate most of these deaths. You the reader, also know as well I as I do that the saying “ Fools rush in where Angels fear to tread” is not lost to our police. For some cases they know that to keep your job, it must be – see no evil, hear no evil, talk no evil. And do we blame them?

It is also not lost to any Ghanaian that all Politicians know no shame; they can lie against their opponents and the electorate just for the vote. They can promise us the moon just to get our vote. We all know that there is no real patriot among politicians they actually are not asking your votes for mother Ghana. An empathic NO. These politicians, without exception, Muslim, Christian, Man, woman, Tall, Short, fat, thin are all bloody greedy folks, they want to win just for their own love for fame, money, power and authority; and opportunities for they and their families.

These are their underlying motives but they have to link with sweet words to be sympathized with and voted for. Those who are not Muslims should excuse me for an important quote from The Holy Prophet of Islaam, the meaning of which is “ the destruction that a man eager for wealth and honour will visit on his faith, is less than the destruction two hungry wolves will visit on a flock of sheep they are released on. My point here is that to be a politician you have throw away all that is good in you. Lie and lie until you drop dead. Anybody who does not share your opinion is an enemy. To these people, Power is their religion and how to attain it is their gospel. Luckily for them all of us have short memories.

It is well known the reported killings visited on Albinos when it comes to elections in certain African countries. Thus, the point of all my Indian dance is that these losses of life we are seeing during this season of election, should not be swept under the carpet. It is too much to say it is all normal. Because we are not in normal times.

Yes, Life is given by God and taken by God. Ghana is a deeply religious country; Christian, Muslim or Traditional religion –whatever that means. WE also have a few Athiest and Agnostics here and there, but generally religion plays a dominant role in our lives as a nation. We also know that in Africa, religion – except those who have the mercy of God, is completely intermingled with Paganism and cultism. A man may profess faith in Christianity or Islam, but still clings to Pagan rituals. That is why in The Qur’aan Allah says "And most of them believe not in Allah without associating (other as partners) with Him!” And as for most politicians their attitude is summarized in an Egyptian saying “Outside God God; inside, only God knows” meaning the yongue is always saying God, but inside is may be very terrible.

This is why I believe some of these killings could be orchestrate based on cultism, as way to get power. I am not accusing anybody, all the politicians believe in those fake Pastors and Mallams; and this is the core of our problem they will ask them to do anything to get power if even it means loss of life. So I say I cannot know, you cannot know but only Allah can know. Our police are grossly handicapped to deal with some of these and may not even try and those lives may be lost in vain. So for me I am going to pray and anyone who reads this prayer all you need to do is say “aami” and who knows? Maybe.

“Glory is to God and peace on all his chosen servants – Noah, Abraham, Moses, Jesus, Mohammad and all those in between. Oh God, you created us and you sustain us. You have made killing unlawful except one who kills to be killed if he is not forgiven. OH My God, you know there are evil ones among us who will not spare anything to get power. Some people are good, and we think they are evil, while some are evil and we think they are good.

Oh God, you know what is hidden inside the hearts of people and we do not. We rightly base our actions on what we see outside; so, if any of those candidates or any of their followers is involved in the loss of any of these lives – these people have mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers and loved ones who will never see them again. Oh Lord and Mighty one if this is through your wisdom to take them away, we say, “to you we belong and to you is our return”, dear God, replace them with those better than them to their loved ones.

If however this is through the evil of any of politician, please visit him with a massive stroke, with a stroke that has only his mental facility intact so at least he can repent. But not only for him to repent, but to live and see the Presidency without touching it. Or, Dear God, please visit him with the death of his most beloved; child or anything, so at least he can feel how it is to lose a loved one” Aami.

“Oh Dear God, Have Mercy on Ghana, and forgive us the words we have used against each other this election time. We dot really mean to hurt, but the just the excitement of the time. Make Ghana a peaceful and prosperous country just as the name Ghana comes from the Arabic word Ghina – which means wealth. Oh God, Make a Ghana a beacon of peace and hope and attract many investors to this country – small investors or big investors so that Ghanaians can have jobs.

Oh God, give us abundant rain so we can eat and donate and sell to other countries. Give us knowledge so we can advance in all fields. Most of all let our leaders be the best among us, the most compassionate, the most tolerant, the most God- fearing. Glory is to God, and peace and blessings on his chosen ones”. Aami Aami Aaami.