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Opinions of Monday, 16 September 2013

Columnist: Appiah-Osei, Lawrence

What is Really Wrong with The New Patriotic Party?

Hon. Kennedy Agyapong, MP for Assin Central is reported to have said on OKAY FM that the NPP is sick. NPP being sick is a mild word for them. It goes more than that. We know that if you visit the Doctor’s office and tell the Doctor that you are sick, the Doctor will ask what is wrong with you. You either tell him/her or you go home. If the NPP were to be a real human being like you and I, their actions and inactions after the Supreme Court verdict would give Ghanaians the chance to ask; what is really wrong with the NPP? I guess it is EVERYTHING.
If the NPP at this stage in their life had gone to the Doctor’s office to say they are sick, (per Hon. Ken Agyapong) the Doctor would have asked them what was wrong with them. They would say, Doc, we first lost an election to a “sick” Professor, and then lost again to someone who used just 40 out of 1,460 days (4 years) to campaign, we took the case to the Supreme Court and there too, we lost. Doc, in all these cases, we thought we won but the verdict was stolen from us. The Doctor would have immediately referred them to the Chief Psychiatrist for their heads to be critically examined. The Doctor knowing what the NPP don’t know would have known right away that there is something wrong with their heads. The brains in the heads are not functioning properly.
There is something really wrong with the NPP. Even their name “New Patriotic Party” is wrong. What is new about their being patriotic and what is patriotic about their being new. Is there an “Old Patriotic” we don’t know? Refer to their various names since independence.
Seriously, everything is wrong with the NPP. Let me tell you why. They hate Dr. Afari Gyan because he validly announced the Presidency of John Mahama; they don’t like the Electoral Commission because that is where Dr. Afari Gyan works; they dislike Justice William Atuguba because he read the verdict that confirmed John Mahama’s Presidency; they don’t like the Supreme Court because that is where Justice Atuguba works; they sent 55 Lawyers to the Supreme Court who didn’t know how to link the table of contents to the main body of their case. They pleaded with the Supreme Court to correct that for them and declare them winners; they sent a star witness to the Supreme Court who was not at the scene of the incident. He tried to convince the judges with his “you and I were not there” so we go by the face of the pink sheet.
The NPP are accusing the mighty Asantehene of bribery and corruption. They are the first political party in the world to do that, and I don’t know why; they have run down the Executive, the Legislature, and the Judiciary and now they want to run down the chieftaincy institution; they have never had a good leader; they sent a candidate to be President who was not marketable; they have a General Secretary who doesn’t think before he speaks and yet they love him. Sir John should be reminded again that he is still under bond to be of good behavior; The NPP have communicators who speak on the radio without checking their facts and figures; they hate Ghanaians because they massively voted for John Mahama to be President; they lost elections, went to court and lost there too, yet they are claiming they won the court case but the verdict was wrongly read; they wouldn’t be part of the reforms the Electoral Commission is asking all political parties to be part of. Is that new or strange to you?
The NPP hate to live in peace. They always wished there was war because they are not in power; they don’t like dissenting views in the party. Once you don’t go with their nonsense, you are either suspended or your case is trivial; they are always at the wrong side of history and therefore laugh with the wrong side of their mouth; they would not be part of President Mahama’s ministerial confirmation, yet they were the first parliamentarians to go for their rent allowance and salaries; they blocked and insulted former President Kuffour because he did the right thing by honoring an invitation to attend the President’s swearing-in ceremony. The list goes on and on and on etc.
So you see what is wrong with the NPP? I mean, how can you win elections in any part of this world with such attitude and behavior? The actions and inactions of the NPP after the Supreme Court verdict are gradually pushing Ghana into a one party state. You watch, when the NPP’s nominations for the presidential candidacy opens, you will see about 30 people contesting for the nomination. All of them know that they can’t and wouldn’t win the Presidency in 2016. The idea is to market themselves for both 2020 and 2024. Unfortunately, those years will also not be good for the New Patriotic Party.
“In December 2013, when the NDC will be having their Congress and planning how to again win the 2016 elections, the NPP will still be struggling to figure out what went wrong at the Supreme Court and who should lead them to another defeat”

Lawrence Appiah
Public Relations Officer (PRO)
NDC Washington Metro Branch

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