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Opinions of Sunday, 21 April 2013

Columnist: Adofo, Rockson

What is Kwesi Pratt on about ....

....regarding the Live Telecast of Election 2012 petition?

Kwesi Pratt, a self-styled social critic but a proven biased stomach-politics commentator supportive of all the rot in perpetuation by the NDC is again doing his nut about an intelligent decision taken by the Chief Justice, Mrs Georgina Theodora Wood.

The less said about this shameless opportunist who shuttles between radio stations throwing dust in people's eyes, much the better. Who has made this loud-mouth person the authority on socio-politico-economic affairs or issues of the nation?

Truly, in the land of the blind, one-eyed man is king. Kwesi Pratt is always all over the place claiming to know everything, being wiser than any Ghanaian both inside and outside Ghana.

Let me state to Kwesi Pratt that it is only in Ghana, particularly in radio station studios and among his co-panellists that he can be revered, elsewhere, he is "Mr. Fuck all".

It has taken intelligent and wise people to pray for the hotly contested Election 2012 case pending in the Supreme Court to be telecast live both on television and on radio. Is Kwesi Pratt claiming that he is wiser than the Chief Justice and all those that appreciate the decision by the Chief Justice to have the hearing procedure telecast live? Has he confirmed with the Supreme Court Justices sitting on the case that Mrs. Georgina Wood did not consult them but simply arrogated to herself some autocratic powers to overrule their earlier decision not to have the case telecast live? He should stop doing his paymasters bidding anyhow.

There is coming a day that Kwesi Pratt will be summoned to account for his disservice to the people of Ghana by his Creator God. Why cannot this man concentrate on his newspaper Insight but rather chosen to propagate the absolute trash, corruption and mediocrity among many others as in pursuance by the NDC government and party? Is he also a beneficial owner of the "Nkomfem" money or what?

All intelligent people are happier to watch and listen to the live broadcast of the case as it unfolds by the minute and second within the Supreme Court premises. Nobody wants to hear the adulterated version of the issue from people like Kwesi Pratt, lopsidedly NDC reporter or commentator.

Ghanaians everywhere can be judges unto themselves listening to, and viewing the live telecast of the hearing. This will prepare the citizenries to accept the verdict, true verdict of course, that the judges will eventually pronounce.

May I ask Mister presumably "Know All" but actually "Mr. Know Little" if he did watch, or did enjoy a similar case hearing that took place in Kenya recently with a live television and radio coverage? If he did, why should that of Ghana be an exemption?

Let my compatriot Kwesi Pratt note that Mrs Georgina Wood never usurped the powers of the judges presiding over the case. She has done what is legally her duty, acting within the confinements of the law bequeathing that right on her.

I would have asked Kwesi Pratt to go to hell if he chose to but I won't, because he may not get the privileges he is currently enjoying here on earth playing sycophancy to the NDC, over there. Additionally, Hell is understood to be a place of the gnashing of teeth and nobody wants to see his Dracula Vampire fangs in hell so he had better stay in Ghana where he can bare his teeth to frighten us off without anyone raising a finger.

We enjoy watching the case live on our Personal Computers (PC), television sets etc. The more Kwesi Pratt moans, the better it is for those of us watching and hearing things live on the development of the Supreme Court case on Election 2012.

Bravo, Chief Justice Mrs. Georgina Theodora Wood. Could you please also allow the PowerPoint to be used by Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia to further present his answers and views to the court?

My White lawyers over here in London are eager to see copies of the alleged fraudulently used "pink sheets" to determine the extent of damage the irregularities, malpractices and fraud had on election 2012.

It was a silent fraud hence, the difficulty by the International Observers to detect it. As it was in the era of the Silent Trade, so it is today with Election 2012. Dr. Kwadwo Afari Gyan, President John Mahama and the NDC party collusively silently rigged the election in favour of then candidate John Dramani Mahama, I sure hope.

However, the secret will out as walls have ears and whatever goes up must come down.


Rockson Adofo