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Opinions of Thursday, 17 April 2008

Columnist: Kwame Appiah-Yeboah

What is Candidate Akuffo-Addo’s Take on New Presidential Jets?

Fellow Ghanaians, before I go any further I have a small confession to make. “I am losing hope in this our dear country Ghana”. Maybe it is because I am growing old; I am way beyond the age of giddy enthusiasm so apparent in young people. Maybe I have become wiser or maybe I finally understand the body politic prevalent in Ghana/Africa. Maybe I expected too much, hoped too much, or even loved too much. Reality is a very sobering medicine when forced down ones throat.

Recent events have contributed to my despondent perspective on the prospects of mother Ghana. Representatives of the people aka members of parliament approved the re-nomination of Dr. Richard Winifred Anane. Forget the fact that the president nominated him; let’s assume that the president took leave of his faculties and in one insane moment re-nominated Dr. Anane. Let’s assume the president’s blood was flowing southwards instead of northwards in a temporal but fantastic moment of exhilarating ecstasy. Simply put, let’s say the president lost his mind-for whatever reason. How can 230 sane men and women (elected to represent the people) look Ghanaians in the eye and approve the nomination? I don’t care about party affiliation, when something smells, it smells. These are the kinds of actions (or is it inactions) that make the people cry out for ALUTA.

Now back to the issue at hand. When candidate Kuffour was running for president, he made it clear that he will never use the Gulf Stream jet bought by the Rawlings administration. True to his word he never used the jet and eventually sold it. Now I want to know candidate Akuffo-Addo’s take on the ongoing effort to acquire not one but two presidential jets for the presidency of Ghana. Forget about all the excuses being made that the jets are for the military high command. That is nothing but baloney. Let’s call it what it is? If it walks like a duck, looks like a duck, and quacks like a duck, it can only be a duck. You can call it a geese or baby flamingo-to me it’s only a duck.

I am calling out Akuffo-Addo and all the other presidential candidates to come out and boldly state their position on this acquisition. At least this will let us know if we are voting for certified tourists or a serious presidential candidate who has the welfare of Ghana at heart. After eight years of a travel happy president Kuffour, we want a president who is coming to solve problems. President Kuffour visited the UK more times than he visited northern Ghana. Kuffour, as a matter of principle should be inducted into the hall of fame of the international travelers club. What was he running away from: Mama Tess hot embrace or the hot weather in Ghana? Why was he travelling all the time: for the per diem or he was just another Kumasi boy who wants to be called a bugger? I have no clue but anyone with a clue, please email me at

Akuffo-Addo, your silence is deafening. Say something: for or against the acquisition of the jets, say something. Atta-Mills, say something for the love of God. Paa kwasi Ndoum, say something before you expire.

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