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Opinions of Sunday, 10 March 2013

Columnist: Adofo, Rockson

What does President Mahama take Ghanaians for?

Help me ask the Question: What does President Mahama take Ghanaians for?

President Mahama in his address to Ghanaians at the Ghana's 56th independence anniversary celebrations, asked all Ghanaians to fully participate in the search for economic independence for Ghana. He admonished the rank and file to cease bickering over trivial or major political, economic and social issues to rather have their hands on deck to collectively assist in pursuit of economic emancipation. He said, irrespective of your social and financial circumstances, you are obliged as a citizen of Ghana to relentlessly contribute your best towards the achievement of economic independence for Ghana, much the same way as our forefathers tirelessly fought to achieve political independence for Ghana.

My question to President John Dramani Mahama, alias "Edey bee Keke", is what does he take Ghanaians for? Does he take us for his modern day slaves, farm helps, conservancy labourers (latrine boys), house maids and or servants? Mr./Mrs/Miss Reader, you will better understand me once you have completed reading the entirety of this article.

How does he expect us to put in equal efforts when his government abounds in, pursues, and practices, institutionalized tribal politics? I have mentioned the following true occurrences in some of my previously published articles on, and The Mills/Mahama and Mahama/Amissah-Arthur NDC-led governments have a conspicuous applicable policy in place to sideline the Ashantis when it comes to the offer of public sector jobs. As soon as they came to power, they started getting rid of most of the people with Ashanti background. As stupid as they are, and oftentimes getting it wrong, they use names and spoken language/dialect to tell who is an Ashanti and who is not.

Their deep-seated hatred for Ashantis of all the greater Akan tribe is so immense. Subsequently, they aspire to introduce apartheid in Ghana purposely to punish the Ashantis for reasons best known to these NDC faggots and bigots. How would you expect us under such horrible and most reprehensible circumstances to contribute fully towards securing economic independence for Ghana? I find his suggestion or appeal very nonsensical. He is practicing positive discrimination quite detrimental to the very long term existence of the Ashantis, the economic giants of Ghana.

I do not blame the President that much because our own Ashanti kinds within his lawless and corrupt NDC party have sold their conscience and sense of belonging in the Ashanti tribe to him for a pittance. For the sake of their individualistic wellbeing, they are lending him the devil's hand to subjugate their own kind. I say shame on such greedy sycophantic bastards, evil dwarfs and babies with sharp teeth.

Furthermore, there is a clear practice of selective justice in Ghana under the mentioned clueless, incompetent, mediocre, corruption-induced and lawless NDC administrations. How do you expect the person you are mistreating to honestly contribute his or her full quota towards the real economic emancipation of Ghana? Whilst most Ghanaians work harder, tightening their belts because of the economic austerity measures in place, the NDC rogues in government headed by John Mahama loose their belts to gulp down money like a starving vulture.

The more I continue to write, the more prone I get to rubbishing John Mahama and his illegitimate "Ebe dii bi keke" administration. Look at what is going on in my own place of birth (Kumawu) regarding the National Youth Employment Scheme initiated and implemented by the NPP government. As soon as the Mills/Mahama NDC government took over from the Kufuor-led NPP government, they started making all the Ashantis already employed by the scheme redundant. They replaced almost all of them except two, by people of northern descent ("ntafo3"). I am not being tribalistic but recounting facts.

"Hard words do not break bones" It hurts to tell the truth but in the end it brings comfort, so an adage goes. When you go to Kumawu Health Centre, call it a hospital if you want, all those working there through the scheme were sacked and REPLACED BY PURELY "ZONGOFO3". Why is this so, Mahama should tell me?

Moreover, I was told all the Kumawu "Zongofo3" (males) on retirement have their names on the scheme's payroll drawing monthly allowance, call it salary or pay if you so desire. Why not the "Asantefo3" of same age? This ridiculous attitude or policy by the NDC government is only to discriminate against the Ashantis and to reduce them to nothing. Why cannot the NDC be fair to all if indeed, they expect all to participate actively fully in bringing about the anticipated economic independence of Ghana?

Lastly, his request borders purely on the popular African saying, "Monkey dey work, Baboon de chop". As insatiably corrupt as the NDC are, they always find ways and means to squander every pesewa that comes into the government's kitty. Do the all too dubious judgment debt payments tell you anything? What about the millions of Cedis being alleged to have been illegally spent by Nadmo; illegally spent at the presidency etc., without parliamentary approval?

Do I say, shove it up your ass Mr. President? No, that will be too much a vulgar statement coming from the wise man Rockson. Call me whatever you want, I do not care. I have got it off my chest, that is all what matters to me.

Once again I ask what the President takes Ghanaians for, imbeciles?

Rockson Adofo