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Opinions of Thursday, 18 March 2010

Columnist: Ampah, Sika Yena

What does Ashantehene want in 21st century Ghana?

What is wrong with this ill-informed Poser? Are we still in Prempeh dark era? Wouldn't someone tell him that the civilised people in Ghana will not tolerate those dark period of “Death Place”. It is about time he puts his thinking cap on and act in accordance with current customs or modes of 21st century civilization. I oppose any role for the so called Ashante kingdom constitution, a medieval body of law, in public life today.

If he is not going to behave himself properly, the government must never allow him to move from that Manhyia Palace till thy kingdom come, in other words he should be placed under 'Palace Arrest'. If he wants to be exiled to Seychelles Island then he should continue with that age old culture of that Death Place so called Kingdom. Why should Ghanaians die for a stone age culture (an irrelevant culture) instead of President John Atta Mills better Ghana agenda? I also condemned Ashantehene claim that some Ashantis have been sacked from their jobs and returned to Kum asi. What he should understand is, if you do walk in the muds, you will come home with muddy shoes. Kuffour created that muddy Ethnocracy culture forgetting that we are not wallowing elephants and this is where he Ashantehene is totally wrong and behaving anti-Ghana.

A population buffeted by transitional morality on all sides and educated to tolerate intolerance will be reluctant to confront this Golden Stool dogma disguised in Ethnocracy ecclesial terminology. The underlying strength of the country democracy, freedom of speech and multiculturalism has permitted glib so called congress to promote the confederation hatred and bigotry by propaganda and deceit. This will bring about a resurgence of Old Prempeh confederationpolitics that are tricky and dangerous. Given the explosive “Kum Apem” forces lying so near the surface in the country's democratic space, one cannot discount the potential for a sweeping transformation of the political scene (Ethnocracy) by a congressional movement that is neither liberal nor passive. This is critical for the maintenance of democracy, freedom and preservation of our New Ghana culture. The time has come for a decisive action. It is time for the government to put a stop to it and for those Asantes to abandon for good all illusions about Golden Stool from the Sky.

Looking at the last decade developments, it would be easy to conclude that the country is poised for another round of bitter conflict with a centuries-old adversary. These warnings chime with public fears that Ghana has already become an incubator for Sika Gua syndrome. It's rabble-rousing stuff. But underlying Boakye Gyan's polemic is an argument shared by many more mainstream right-leaning thinkers on both sides of the South.

For too long, we've been labouring under the false assumption that enough open policy would convince these 'Sika Gua' left. But tons of open and fair policy is never enough to those who neither seek the truth nor are open to objective persuasion but instead are motivated by an unyielding desire to oppose Ghana no matter what and stand forever behind liberal causes. As with everything with today's Sika Gua left, the cause overrides facts, logic, or open policy. However frustrating and demoralizing the verbal assault on the Prez John Atta Mills during the last months and presently, it has been very eye-opening in making us realize that these one way people(some) are not guided by motifs of liberty, freedom and human rights but anti-Ghanaian and chiefdom. This state of affairs cannot continue, most would agree, necessary. Now is the time for all our politicians to take action and end this stone age dinosaur culture of swearing allegiance.

This apprehension should be vital in bolstering our self-confidence-knowing that the so called congress does not hold the moral high ground, simply a control and manipulation of the vocabulary and language needed to camouflage and appear altruistic.

Moreover, it is now apparent that they no longer shares our historic Nkrumah's values. It is thus futile to try to convince them by referring to these ideals. Sadly, their emotions soar only when advocating imaginary golden stool, one-Ghana Kingdom. The events of the last weeks have been tectonic in alerting us to a Ghana that is not divided simply politically but bifurcated by two separate value systems, one Ghana, the other Asante Kingdom.

It has become crystal-clear that there exist in this country some Ghanaians who are anti- Ghana, especially when it is governed by a President who boldly acts in a fashion reflecting the ideology of Nkrumah's Ghana. Be they from academia, shoe-shine, journalism, or wayward (koborlor) students, some of them are bound by the glue of Golden Stool ideology and would, in a heartbeat, elect Ashantehene Monarchy of Ghana if such were possible. Some come to their anti-better Ghana ingested the ideological poison against Ghanaians fed by some chief and some are infected by the psychological disease of self-hate or the age-old tendency in their human nature to destroy that which is good and noble. Many are, of course, propelled by a self-righteous sense of immoral narcissism and hegemony.

The real problem with these people is the "Submitters" refuse to come into the 21st century. They see all Nkrumah social and scientific progress as undermining their traditional faith and hold on that culture. It's this rejection of reason in favour of blind revelation and rejection of personal liberty that will doom that so called kingdom to continued with the old culture. Submission to a medieval culture interpreted by deranged raffia skirt men is not the answer. Lets be careful of their claims of freedom and democracy, they are on Golden Stool terms and only for them.

Government and other institutions urgently need to signal those people that they must accept being just one Ghanaian group of many, and that aspirations to dominate will fail. Toward this end, government need to enact principle and consistent policies indicating precisely which Ashantehene privileges are acceptable, and why. Come to think of it, Mills should maintain Ashantehene full rights like any other Ghanaian, but turn down demands for special privileges, like the 17 free phones lines allocated to him by the Denkyera laureate narcissism and the Diplomatic Passport.

Sika Yena Ampah, Monaco.

Sika Yena Ampah is the Path Finder of Buffalo Group, a group that criticise clearly and loudly to the highest Heaven.