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Opinions of Thursday, 31 July 2014

Columnist: Adofo, Rockson

What an Instance of “More Haste, Less Speed!”

Some of us may have once or twice heard somebody utter the idiom, “more haste, less speed”. What do they mean by that expression? Let us visit the dictionaries for its meaning. The Cambridge Dictionary defines it as, “if you try to do things too quickly, it will take you longer in the end”. This is expounded in a proverb – “Act quickly, but not so quickly that you make careless mistakes”.

In most cases when you do things hurriedly (more haste), you end up making lots of inadvertent mistakes, hence all your efforts expended being rendered a total waste in the end. You may have to redo what you have done again (less speed). All that you did has come to naught – a waste of man-hours.

If this is the explanation, why then do people assume they can be very clever, hopefully, outsmarting their rivals, by hurrying to do things without thinking them through? But a friend tells me it is never good to ASSUME else, they will take (ASS/U/ME) you (U) and me (ME) for an ass (ASS).

In the underlying case scenario, those assuming to be more intelligent to have their way in their heinous enterprise are now truly proven to be ass.

A case in point: Someone in attempts to have their candidate elected for a higher position, decided to engage in underhand dealings. The person offered huge sums of money to those presumed to be major players with authority to grant his/her request, making his/her dream come true. Little did he/she know, although in collusion with the tin-gods, that his/her action was contravening the law? After all the involvements in nefarious activities – bullying, threatening, twisting history, harassments, victimizations and physical intimidations, his/her objective was not attained according as expected.

His/her situation has become worse. He/she is now trying relentlessly hard to correct the mistakes made, along with the accomplices who once believed themselves to be Omnipotent, Omniscient and Omnipresent.

All the actions they took in haste, fraught with illegalities, are now to be corrected judiciously. Look how long it will take to right the wrongs (less speed).

What a situation of “much ado about nothing?” I will in the near future write about the phrase just cited.

Do things diligently and truthfully else, you stand to pay a heavy price in the end. Keep up the hope. Keep up your faith in God. I pray to be able to publish an extensive testimony to glorify God within months from today. My testimony will tell the world and my readers how God acts, proving the veracity of the saying, MAN PROPOSES, BUT GOD DISPOSES.

Rockson Adofo