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Opinions of Sunday, 22 March 2020

Columnist: Emmanuel Nyamekeh

What about our health workers?

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Everyone is thinking of how to stay away from Covid-19. Many are doing so by staying indoors. Few others too are on the move but keep all the precaution measures. What about our health workers?

Like the minister of health rightly acknowledged that the ministry of health is fragile. This means that it cannot do much to save the situation. Speaking on Joyprime, he said “countries such as China and USA are battling with the pandemic despite their place in technology. Where then does Ghana stand in the fight against Covid-19?” The question I still ask is what about our health workers?

Our health workers are doing well and we need to thank them for their efforts. Nurses and doctors are protecting others and helping others recover from the pandemic when they remain unprotected. Their coming together with infected persons even risk them. But as their universal aim is to help save lives and improve on lives, they are standing by that. All Ghanaians must be appreciative.

As an individual, I will want to render my unregistered appreciation to all health workers who are risking their lives that others may be protected. May God bless you.

I will want to suggest to the ministry of health to put some measures in place to see to the security of health workers and their families. I think it won’t be bad to have an insurance specialist to cover them and their families should any calamity befalls any health worker.

Meanwhile, I will call on all health workers to selflessly render their services which they are doing. God bless you and may He preserve you all from contracting the virus. I promise you all that Jesus Christ is still at work and He is present in the Eucharist. We will do well to receive Him on your behalf and be sure that you’re healed.

From the pen of Emmanuel Graham Nyameke.