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Opinions of Sunday, 3 November 2013

Columnist: Adofo, Rockson

What, NDC on Active Election 2016 Campaign Already?

? It is only in Ghana or Africa that politicians almost always take the electorates for fools with impunity. The NDC government and party by their callousness have epitomised the lack of respect that the Ghanaian politician has for the voters. The relative ease at which they have degraded not only the voters, but the entire citizens of the nation through calculated intelligence-underestimation lies baffles all and sundry. They have not the least respect or care for the people of Ghana. ? I find the recent behaviour of the NDC actively, although secretly, canvassing in the rural areas towards Election 2016 an affront to the intelligence of not only the rural folks, but the entire discerning Ghanaian population worldwide. What good thing have they achieved for the nation and the people of Ghana upon which they are seeking re-election sooner after the shameful Supreme Court’s verdict in their favour? ? In civilized democracies, public elections are won by governments on convincing issues and policies. For a government to be re-elected, the electorates assess her delivery on her manifesto, policies and how they have impacted their lives positively. They do not vote to re-elect them on how best they have lied to the people while factually to the contrary, they have been incompetent and non-starters throughout their term in office. ? However, in Ghana, the NDC would prefer doing nothing positive to better the lives of the people but would still want to win subsequent elections just through propaganda. This is exactly what they have started doing as confirmed on radio by their notorious National Youth Organiser, Mr Yaw Boateng Gyan, a devil incarnate but a crowned and kowtowed to, Pentecost Church elder. ? As unbearably difficult life has become to about 99% of ordinary Ghanaians, the shameless insatiably greedy self-styled NDC radio phone-in serial callers say all is blooming under the Mahama government. I wonder how those belonging in the NDC family can become so unfeeling to the plight of the ordinary Ghanaian. They are condemnably wicked and as former President Rawlings would nicely put it, "greedy bastards, old evil dwarfs, babies with sharp teeth, political sycophants" ? On what achievement is the NDC seeking to be successfully re-elected in 2016? Is it not too early for them to start focusing on winning Election 2016 rather than concentrating on delivering on their promises of "Better Ghana Agenda" to Ghanaians? Do they not think that their chances of winning will be made easier for them when they deliver than to hope to win through lies whiles they are found wanting delivering on their "Better Ghana Agenda" policies? Why do they seek to always take Ghanaians for fools? And why do some Ghanaians allow themselves to be easily persuaded by the NDC to go along with them during elections? Could it be down to outright stupidity on the part of such Ghanaians or down to the urgent necessity to have money for a day or a week’s satisfaction of some sort that drives certain people to vote for NDC? ? Both the rural folks and urban dwellers should please not allow the NDC to fool them with flimsy excuses blaming the NPP and the Supreme Court petition for the difficulty of Mahama delivering on their manifesto. Nothing from the NPP is the cause of Mahama’s inability to deliver but his own incompetence, corruption and lack of vision. He was not cut to be a leader but he has chosen to wear the leadership crown by force and hence, wobbles on his two frail legs. ? I shall come back to warn my fellow rural folks against buying into the lies in perpetuation by the NDC intended to secure the rural votes for free. Once they get their votes, the NDC sooner treat them with the scorn they deserve, calling them "kookoo ase nnkurasefoo". What message are they presently selling to the rural folks that convince them to give their votes to the NDC? Is it their usual truckloads of bullshit – promises upon promises and lies upon lies about what they have so far done but which, they have really have not? ? NO DELIVERY, NO VOTES, be it clear to the NDC. No matter how they will try to avail themselves of the nonsensical verdict declared by William Atuguba and Co in 2016, they will never succeed. Are they not ashamed about their scale of incompetence, mediocrity and corruption, the stench of which, has reached to the Higher Firmaments? ? NDC, it is too early to initiate moves to win election 2016. Concentrate on implementing policies that will alleviate the plight of the ordinary Ghanaian than to hope to resort to evilness and lies to rig future elections. I, Rockson Adofo, SHALL resist any such silly move from your camp, I swear God! ? One Frank in Luton - UK and Kwame Asante in Israel are among the hopeless NDC mouths abroad throwing dust in people’s eyes. One would expect them to be civilized when living abroad among the Whites but miserably; they have chosen to act irresponsibly. What a pity? ? I dedicated this write-up to the NPP National Chairman in France – Mr Owusu Kanin and wife and Mr Yeboah Frimpong, alias Dr Ntiki (NPP National Chairman of the Council of Elders, France branch) and wife. ? ? Rockson Adofo