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Opinions of Monday, 23 June 2014

Columnist: Adofo, Rockson

What Is that Rumoured NPP Agenda 2020?

Many NPP commentators are heard on the airwaves condemning the alleged NPP Agenda 2020. It is believed some NPP gurus have met in secret to discuss an agenda to winning Election 2020. If that was true as being alleged by some furious members of the NPP, then it is pointless for NPP contesting in Election 2016. They have themselves conceded defeat in Election 2016. They have ceded any chance of winning Election 2016 to the NDC on a silver platter well in advance.

The former Chief of Staff under former President Kufuor’s NPP-led government, Mr Kwadwo Mpianim, is on record to have said the following, “I shall do whatever it takes, and whatever is in my power, to ensure that the Akyem Akufo Addo never becomes the President of Ghana. I shall ensure Mahama retains the presidency in 2016”. We, the Ashantis, have a problem with the Akyems”

What power has Kwadwo Mpiani to make such silly sweeping statements that have the potential to further ruin the lives of many a suffering Ghanaian? Is his intention as indicated above, the reason for that secret Agenda 2020 meeting supported by a section of the current NPP National Executives? The Ashantis have no problems with the Akyems. If that corrupt Kwadwo Mpiani and his other myopic colleagues do, the Ashantis as a tribe have not. I shall be taking him on to prove how shallow-minded and malevolent he is from today forward. It is not that the Ashantis have a problem with the Akyems, but only that he fears the exposure of his evil deeds when squeaky-clean Nana Akufo Addo comes to power.

Kwadwo Mpiani is taking God on in a contest and we shall see who wins. Having said what is stated above, he has poked the eye of God and we live to see how God will react to his evil-mindedness.

What a complete sabotage had some NPP gurus and their sympathisers really met in secret to hold some discussions as alleged. Who do they think they are sabotaging and fooling if it is not themselves? What I may call an irresponsible behaviour if indeed they have done as I hear, then I will say they have let down the entire suffering Ghanaian masses who currently in their utter desperation look up to them to be liberated from the visionless “bekumwaa” John Mahama government.

I am personally not aware of any such secret plots but the lackadaisical, nonchalant attitudes coupled with the deplorable behaviour by some of the recently elected NPP National Executives give cause for concern.

The Executives, seemingly aspiring to achieve their parochial interests have allowed public in-fighting with consequential long term adverse effect on the party to fester among the members of the NPP. What a myopic attitude that is? They are helping NPP to play into the hands of the NDC, facilitating the NDC’s chances of winning or rigging future elections, although, as incompetent and corrupt as the NDC are. There is no doubt that they are overlooking the rumoured Agenda 2020 secret meeting that has now become public knowledge.

Is it not biblically said that a Kingdom divided against itself shall not stand but fall? What then the heck are the NPP doing? Have they turned into hungry dogs devouring or biting one another?

In hoping not to air the NPP dirty linen in public, I shall advise all those maliciously trying to sabotage Nana Akufo Addo to beware of the following: - That the more they sabotage him, the slimmer their own chances of ever becoming the president of Ghana become. “If the saboteur knew he would be required to eat the head of a game, he would have cautiously taken time to smoke it properly but not haphazardly as he did”. Whatever the aim of the Agenda 2020 proponents is, it will come to bite them hard when it is their turn to seriously aspire to win elections of any sort.

Those within the party biting the finger that feeds them, out of their harmful ignorance or intentional acts of mischief or sabotage, should please beware of the ultimate disastrous consequences of their acts. When you throw a ball to the wall, it bounces back to you. Additionally, the evil that men do lives after them.

I wonder why some of the leaders and members of the NPP are so mischievous to forget that one is bound to reap the fruits of whatever they sow. If you sow evil, you will harvest evil. If you intentionally devise ways and means to sabotage your fellow, you will yourself be sabotaged. Why are those lacking farsightedness digging the NPP’s own grave well before Election 2016? Are they not themselves those that I hear to be on the NDC payroll, thus, the enemies within?

Once more, I find the recent public behaviour of an Executive member of the NPP in London an expression of inferiority complex. In this day an age that certain farsighted Ghanaians are seriously projecting the identity of the Ghanaian through our principal spoken local language (Twi), the ignorant saboteurs are doing their nuts as usual. In a public meeting of NPP members and their sympathisers, understandably all conversant with the Twi language, a UK NPP Executive had the discourteous audacity to order through shouting at a speaker in the middle of his speech to speak in English.

Any wise Executive member would either approach the speaker to pass him/her a note or whisper a few words into his ears to change the language but not to shout him down as he did. No matter what you do, the colour of your skin (black) will always give you away. Attempts by Black persons to behave like White people will not succeed.

Lest I forget, in Ghana, “The knowledge of English is a criterion of a man’s great learning”. No wonder that the Executive member had the joy to do as he did. I will advise that Executive member to rather seek solutions to the problem of “pull him down” that has bedevilled the NPP, relegating the party into perpetual opposition.


Rockson Adofo