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Opinions of Saturday, 28 May 2011

Columnist: Ayiku, Charles Nii

What Every Ghanaian Woman Must Know

The Revolution of the Woman series-What Every Ghanaian Woman Must Know

A senior
lecturer of the Excellence School of Divinity and Executive Producer of the H4P
Crew, Apostle Charles Hackman has emphasized that, the world is coming to a point
where it will experience major cultural, political and religious revolutions, and
one undeniable shock will be the revolution of the manifestation of the

According to him, the image that is produced whenever women issues are
mentioned is not anything to write home about with many believing that all women are
good for, is sex, childbirth and home keeping. Apostle Hackman made the call during a
preparatory meeting towards this Saturday’s “Revolution of the Woman” series to be
held at the Kama Conference Centre, Labone at 3pm and charged all women not to
accept the notion that, their place is in the kitchen, and whatever property they
acquire must be kept by the man.

Revolution of the Woman series of conferences is
aimed at preaching the good news of God’s mindset about women to this generation as
well as healing all broken women and proclaiming liberty to all captive women who
are locked up in unhealthy and abusive relationships and environments.In addition,
this conference will bring recovery of sight to women through the impartation of
knowledge, setting oppressed women free emotionally, psychologically, financially
and spiritually.He was not happy with the way women have been made to believe that
their glory is when they have a man of their own, and also how some religious
leaders sometimes preach that women must be subject to men as a divine requirement,
instructed by God.All these belief systems according to him add up to robbing women
of the precious opportunities to be real.“It’s not going to be an easy assignment
but it is also not an impossible mission. God can change the course of history
through the agency of one person. There is a season just ahead of us, where the
world is going to go through some transitioning. ” he addedIt hoped that at the end
of the conference women will be empowered to work hard and keep the glory bestowed
on them and the knowledge about who they are by the Spirit of God and the satanic
agenda of oppression broken. For More Information, please call,
233244636968Source:Charles Nii Ayiku Ayiku