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Opinions of Saturday, 3 August 2013

Columnist: Sarpong, Justice

What Did Ghanaians Do Wrong To Deserve Mahamah?

I have given up on Ghanaians back home to put the destinies of their lives on the line and protest loudly through massive demonstrations on all the regional capitals to register their disappointment with this Mahama led NDC administration that is destroying the hopes and aspirations of the young and old through their tax and spend economic policies. Just two days ago, this Mahama clueless administration announced further increase in petroleum prices after it has done so on the 17th of July, a mere two weeks ago and Ghanaians have accepted it without a whimper. Have we turned into sheeps on our way to the slaughter house we cannot protest even when the government we installed is killing us softly through a mountain of taxes and levies?

"The National Petroleum Authority (NPA) has increased the prices of some petroleum products with premix fuel recording the highest increment.A statement issued by the NPA and signed by its Chief Executive, Alex Mould said the review of the maximum indicative prices of petroleum products takes effect from Thursday, August 1, 2013 at 6:00 am.The Authority explained that since the last adjustment of the pump prices of petroleum products on July 17, 2013, prices of petroleum products have experienced volatility on the international market.The next review date will be on August 16, 2013."

Is it now a policy of this government to review petroleum prices every two weeks? If on August 16th the barrel of oil has come down from $109 to $100 a barrel, will this government reduce the prices of all petroleum products? Why are we paying three times what we used to pay in 2008 when Ghana did not even have the oil revenue accruing to the country now? Is this the change Ghanaians voted for? This 'AKOMFEMIZATION' of our economy has brought the country to its knees economically and we need a change to reverse the course the country is on or else Mahama will drive all of us over the cliff and kill our economic dreams.

In 2008 when petrol was selling at $144 a barrel, petrol in Ghana was selling at GhC 3.74 and Kwesi Pratt and his Ndc morons called CJA told Ghanaians Npp is an uncaring government. Compare to now. A barrel of oil is selling at $110 and petrol is selling at more than GhC 10.00 a gallon, almost three times what Npp was selling petrol to Ghanaians even at a higher price of $144 a barrel so how come we are paying three times for a gallon of petrol now as compared to 2008 when a barrel of oil was $35 more than it is selling today? To add salt to our injury, this administration attacking dogs are fribbling and yawping about how we should not make the increase of oil prices a political issue. Are these people kidding me? Did they not make oil prices a political issue in 2008?

When are Ghanaians going to 'grow' cojones and match to the Jubilee house(I refuse to call it that slave name, FLAGSTAFF) and send this government packing by telling them they cannot live under its harsh and corrupt policies? Take a cue from the Egyptians and send this government back to Bole-Bamboi, it has overstayed its welcome at the seat of government.

This administration recently put taxes on condoms,cutlasses, fishing boats, chewing sticks(If it has not, keep your fingers crossed, it is coming)to make up for all the money they have looted and shared amongst themselves, Woyome, Agambire RLG fraudulent set up enterprises to funnel Mahama and his Northern Mafia group money to Cayman Islands. Only one Agency in Ghana called GYEEDA has been exposed as having squandered more than hundred million dollars ($100 million)without any benefit to Ghanaians and this money is now permanently walked out of the shores of our country.

The sad part is that, we have people like Anita Desouzza, the NDC Women Organizer telling us that, taxes on condom will reduce population growth. Huh!!? Is that woman for real? Maybe she is in her menopausal stage and like it raw condom is of no importance to her but she has to realise that, condom prevents all kinds of sexual diseases and actually prevents unwelcome pregnancies.

For whatever reason, President Mahama did not utilise the human resources available in the NDC fraternity like Spio Garbrah, Dr Botwe and others who could have helped him to steer the affairs of our dear country and instead appointed people who cannot even do the job of dog catching in any decent democracy to positions of authority and are messing the country up. Is time for Mahama to leave peacefully or the proletariats should converge at the Jubilee house and remove him.


Justice Sarpong,