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Opinions of Saturday, 2 February 2013

Columnist: Adofo, Rockson

Weep my Beloved country…

NDC Conspires to Bare Mother Ghana in Public

Is there anything good to come from the NDC? Tears keep streaming down the cheeks of Mother Ghana each time she reflects on the intentional or inadvertent harm her wayward NDC sons and daughters are causing her. She regrets having given birth to such socio-economically clueless children whose acts always put her to shame. The NDC are always neck-deep performing acts contrary to the expectations of Mother Ghana. She regrets having given birth to them in the first place, and then curses her own womb that conceived them.

Mother Ghana, in expressing her unhappiness about Jeremiah John Rawlings, who engineered the birth of NDC, is overjoyed seeing his own brothers and sisters moved against him. He is now worth less than a toilet paper in the eyes of most of his own NDC family. The birth of the rogues called NDC has brought about sharp tribal divisions, nepotism, lawlessness, practice of selective justice and unprecedented corruption in Ghana. The very cohesive tendon that joins Ghanaians together as one nation, one people and with a common destiny is torn forever. .

With all the glaringly displayed incompetence, mediocrity and shameless perpetration of smelly corruption by the NDC, some Ghanaians are still rallying to their defence, exonerating them of blame even when caught stalled in election fraud. Oh, what sort of nation and people are Ghanaians?

I may not have the correct adjectives to describe the level of intelligence of those Ghanaians who have no love for Ghana. They see nothing wrong with the NDC administration. Can I well describe their action as stupidity, insanity and or sheer cowardice?

Some of them as shallow-minded as they are see it fit to lambast, mock and make all sorts of disparaging remarks about Nana Akuffo-Addo and NPP over the writ filed in the Supreme Court challenging the presidential results of Election 2012. I will advise the leadership of the NPP to stay RESOLUTE without giving in to the distractive ploys and traps set by the agents of the devil (the NDC and her rented press and persons).

I will forever question the integrity of not only all those Ghanaians who voted for the NDC and John Dramani Mahama but also, those that are now supportive of the cause of the NDC, by vehemently castigating Nana Akuffo-Addo for seeking the services of the Supreme Court over the alleged election fraud.

The attitudes of say, Kewsi Pratt and Asiedu Nketiah do not perturb me at all. They get dubiously richer when the NDC is in power and hence, will act dishonestly the way they do. However, another great multitude is those that simply follow whichever direction the NDC wind blow them. How do I judge them? These are the very those with whom I have an issue.

Are Ghanaians happy to see the Swindler of the Century (Alfred Agbesi Woyome), grows horns and a big mouth since President Mahama was sworn in albeit controversial contestations? Woyome knows if the State seriously prosecutes and convicts him, he will make sure he goes down not alone, but pulls many NDC bigwigs down with him, possibly including Mahama himself. The NDC not hoping to see such a situation unfold to further damage their already dented credibility if at they have any, are as usual conniving with the State prosecutors to behave in that irresponsible manner so far seen.

Until today, for all these months that the State has accused Woyome of fraudulently accessing money of which he normally has no recourse, the State prosecutors have not been able to prepare conclusive docket with assembled witnesses to help prosecute Woyome. Who do they think they are fooling with their usual stupid typical Ghanaian mentality bordering on corruption? Any sane Ghanaian will never support NDC with all their dubious characters, lawlessness and mediocrity unfolding by the second, minutes, hours and days.

God willing, the Supreme Court will dispense justice in a manner that will save Ghana from international ridicule. I hope they will not behave as those irresponsible Ghanaians that blindly support whatever cause their party pursues regardless of its irresponsibleness and dubiety as it is often in the case of the NDC.

I send loads of greetings from the land of PEACE, coming through the Heaven gates of JUSTICE, to all my noble readers. All discerning and responsible Ghanaians with all sincere members belonging in the NPP can share the greetings. With God, all is well and we have hope.

Remember the dream by KOFI BASOAH to stay RESOLUTE, all ye honest Ghanaians aspiring to see justice reign supreme in Ghana with the truth about Election 2012 discovered.

Rockson Adofo