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General News of Wednesday, 12 July 2017


We won’t stop whining until you change – ‘Boggas’ hit back at Deputy Minister

Robert Ahomka-Lindsay, Deputy Trade and Industry Minister play videoRobert Ahomka-Lindsay, Deputy Trade and Industry Minister

Ghanaians in the diaspora have sent a notice to deputy Minister for Trade & Industry, Mr. Robert Ahomka-Lindsay, telling him that that until things get working in the country, they will not stop whining.

According to the diaspora community, they can’t just sit down, fold their arms, and watch things done wrongly when they could voice out their displeasure and share some ideas to get things changed for the better.

Ghanaians in the diaspora were on Tuesday, July 11, 2017, provoked by Mr. Ahomka-Lindsay who got on their nerves and told them to stop whining about conditions at home when they return to do business.

He told them to understand that they do not have to see a minister or anybody in a top government position in order to engage in any meaningful business in Ghana.

“Nobody likes whiners; people that spend all the time whining really get on people’s nerves. So stop whining; stop saying this doesn’t work, that doesn’t work; please, we know it doesn’t work so stop whining all the time saying it doesn’t work. If it worked, you probably won’t be sitting there,” he told a forum organized by the diaspora community in Accra.

He added “It is not always that when you have to make a decision you have to see the minister, the deputy or every head; what is this thing and where did it come from? Do you know how many people actually sit down and want to see the minister everyday; hundreds of them.” Although the deputy minister got a swift response from one of the returnees attending the forum to stop the arrogance, the larger community believes their complaints are worth it.

Vice Chairman of the Diaspora Community, Jeremain Nkrumah, interacting with Fiifi Banson on Anopa Kasapa on Kasapa 102.5 FM on Wednesday, said Mr. Ahomka-Lindsay should be prepared to hear more complaints if things do not change for the better.

“The people have to complain so that those in charge will know that the complaints are getting too much and that they should do something it. That is how we develop a country. Where we are, when things go wrong, we complain as such. The notion that we are not complaining at where we are is wrong. We are not going to kowtow to what Ahomka Lindsey has said and stop complaining. We will not stop because if something is not working, you have to complain. If you don’t complain, those in authorities will assume everything is working to perfection,” he noted.