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Opinions of Sunday, 29 May 2016

Columnist: Adofo, Rockson

We want peace in Ghana, so...

Let us do whatever it takes to safeguard the peace that is currently prevailing in Ghana. This has always been the view and philosophy of most Ghanaians who are currently better placed to be in government, be in the top hierarchy of the NDC, and be in higher positions where the difficult conditions of living faced by the majority of Ghanaians are foreign to them. Yes, they need peace to enjoy their stolen wealth! No, I am sorry, I should have said, their selfishly ill-gotten money and material acquisition!

I beg to differ. Yes we need peace, but the peace must be the by-product of JUSTICE. When there is justice, there will surely be peace, all things being equal with all human beings being normal and behaving rationally. Peace is a natural concomitant of justice.

People have no moral justification to preach peace in the midst of abundance of injustice as it is currently prevalent in Ghana under the most unrivalled corrupt government in the political history of Ghana.

The police are determined to block social media in Ghana if perceived to disrupt the peace in the country. This may be a good idea. However, what are their plans to ensure that justice prevails in Ghana? Are they aware of the intransigence of the Electoral Commission, especially its Chair, Charlotte Osei? Do they know that Charlotte’s obstinacy to disrespect the laws of the land and the wishes of the vast majority of Ghanaians, but to do as she wants when she wants, being an inseparable bedfellow with NDC, is a recipe for disaster?

The Inspector General of Police (IGP) had better dig deeper into the root cause of what has the potential to disrupt the peace of the country than looking at the cosmetic value of blocking the social media networks as has been his strongest view. He has to be realistic rather than to jump on the bandwagon of those trying to rig the upcoming election 2016 in favour of the unprecedentedly corrupt President and government never seen in the annals of Ghana’s socio-politico-economic history.

The police must not seek to compound the problems of Ghanaians. Ghanaians need a change from the worst form of government under President Mahama and NDC to a better one come 7th November 2016. Therefore, they will resist any attempts by whomever to block their wishes from coming to pass.

Ask Charlotte Osei, to respect the Supreme Court’s ruling to delete the NHIS registrants from the voter register, something that is common sense and does guarantee fair and credible election 2016 to the entire Ghanaian electorates. Does Charlotte not vehemently oppose the court’s order? Is this irresponsible behaviour of hers towards the decision of the apex court of Ghana not worse than any harm that the social media can cause in Ghana?

The police and all those insanely clamouring for peace at the expense of justice must please wake up from their SLUMBER!

It is through justice that the Western countries have developed to such an extent that they act as a magnet to attract our few skilled Ghanaian compatriots to their shores. However, these Ghanaians in their opinion, have gone abroad to fleece the Westerners whose lands are greener because they have tendered them very well. Is it not said, “If you see that someone’s pastures are greener, it means they have tendered them very well?”

SEEK YE FIRST JUSTICE, AND PEACE SHALL BE ADDED UNTO YOU! - (Matthew 6:33 - But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you). Does this not ring a bell, oh fellow Ghanaians, most of whom (you) are religious?

The campaign for a CHANGE continues unabated!!!

Rockson Adofo