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Opinions of Monday, 30 May 2016

Columnist: Hardi, Ibrahim

We used ballots to remove president!!.

As Ghanaians we are taught to respect elders. However respecting them does not mean we should allow them to do whatever they want. We use the ballot box to show them who is boss. I am a very disappointed young Ghanaian when I hear one of our leaders is insulted by the so called future leaders. Our leaders in Africa have been insulted and persecuted by Western formed institutions. Our leaders have been labelled despite some of them meaning well for us,Rest in peace colonel Murmur Al-Gaddafi,late Libyan leader.

We as Ghanaians should stand up and be man or woman enough to deal with our own leaders and problems. We need to draw strength from each other in order to do something for our individual regions,constituencies and tribes.

Anyone who insults our leaders insults me. Anyone who insults my President insults me. And I have no kind words for that. Bitter people don’t achieve anything. Young people who insult elders or leaders always move or walk with shame.

Former president Rawlings,president Mahama was insulted and abused on social media by some of our brothers and sisters both within ndc and npp. This came as a shock to me. I was like is this happening in Ghana? No way. Then I was like maybe it is possible.

In my opinion only cowards insult, only frustrated people insult. Only people who have no hope or strength to face their challenges insult others. Insulting President Mahama will not make him go.

We used the ballot to remove parties and presidents from power. We did not insult other leaders to do that. We used the ballot. Wise people use the ballot to remove and put people in power. Wise people don’t take out their frustration on others.

You have a tool which can help you get what you want. If it is change you seek. Use social media to get that change. Not insulting others.

If you feel and think that President Mahama has over stayed in your opinion,why don’t you dedicate your energy to convincing others not to vote for him. Insulting my President will not make him go away. If there are people you should get angry with it should be the people who voted for him like me Not my leader. No one insults my President. You insult him you insult me. No one insults Former president Rawlings,you insult him,you insult me. You do that we are going to have words.

We live in a free world my dear Ghanaian friends. Your preferred candidate(s) lost. You move on. He/she or they should accept that and move on. Work hard next time. Remember bitter people will never achieve anything. People who are used or who insult other leaders have no place in our hope and future as young Ghanaians.

I have a lot of Npp friends. They are good people. Hon Kennedy Osei Nyarko,mp for Akim Swedru,Abudu Abdul-ganiyu,lecturer Tamale polytechnic,Dr. Mohammed Amin Adam I don’t see or imagine them insulting. Because they are wise. Be wise and handle your anger, bitterness and frustration. Maybe you should learn from others on how they win elections for their preferred candidates.

I don’t think President Mahama became President because Ndc insulted another Opposition leader. NO! Remember my brothers and sisters. Democracy always wins. Insults don’t. So wise Up Colleagues. Wise Up Ghana. Be like a football team. Maybe one day you will conquer your anger. Or maybe your National team will win the Africa Cup. We did it in the past but it has being long since 1982,Not by insulting other coaches. We just worked hard. You can win too.

With Much love for Ghana and it's current and past leaders.

Ibrahim Hardi,email; contact: 0208235615.