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Opinions of Monday, 20 May 2013

Columnist: Sarpong, Justice

How Did T.B Joshua Fail To Predict This Catastrophe?

Jesus said that we should not judge or else we should be judged. At the same time, we were warned that getting to the end of the world, there will be a lot of false Prophets who will use the name of the Lord to presict a lot of things, but those powers will not be from God. It has now become profitable in Ghana nowadays to become a Pastor as one of the shortest way to riches and despite Ghana having our share of these Pastors, now the 419 Nigerian Pastors are setting up camps in Ghana to dupe the poor souls of Ghana and the prominent amongst them is the Reverend T.B Joshua whose crusade on sunday, May 19th lead to the death of four Ghanaians and thirty Ghanaians injured. This is a Pastor who has carved a name for himself for making predictions including the score of soccer matchs so how come he did not see this sad day coming and avoid it?

Ghanaians have been made to believe that spending a lot of time at the church houses will be their salvation and that salvation passes through these Pastors who have literally made their congregations their slaves by making them to contribute their earnings for their upkeep. Some of the predictions and advice from these Pastors have led to marriage breakups and families being torn apart because some of these Pastors can even tell some Church members that they are not doing well in life because of some witches in their families and I wonder if this is what christianity is all about. Our Politicians too have not helped either in educating our citizens to be careful of these charismatic Pastors and in some instances have promoted these Pastors to the detriment of our citizens and T.B Joshua is a template of such Pastors who have used their political connections to build their reputations. Are we so daft now that a Pastor can now be said to have powers because they have been able to predict when it will rain as 'Jesus One Touch' used as an example why he believed in T.B Joshua? Has he heard of weather forecast?

T.B Joshua was made popular in Ghana by President Mills who told Ghanaians that this 419 Pastor was the one who healed him from many ailments and even on his last day on this earth, Ghanaians were lied to that President Mills was going to Nigeria for business meeting in Nigeria when actually his staff were trying to bundle him out of the country to go and see T.B Joshua instead of seeking medical help for him and unfortunately died before he can travel to see T.B Joshua.

The popularity of T.B Joshua has grown greatly because of President Mills reliance of this man who has been banned from Cameroun for his false prophecies that led to the death of sick people who instead of seeking medical help relied on him and died from ailments that could have been prevented.

Now four Ghanaians have died needlessly because of the so called holy water supposedly blessed to help people to cure their ailments and help them financially. Where came this holy water phenomenonlately? Maybe I missed it in my Bible readings but I did not read anywhere in the Bible where Jesus gave the multitudes holy water to cure them of their ailments.

Maybe our traditional Churches have not done a better job in educating our brothers and sisters in Ghana that, salvation and path to heaven does not pass through the T.B Joshua's and the Obinnims of this world but rather through our good deeds to each other and not by giving thousands of your hard earned cedis to these Bishops Dr. Revered fake Pastors. Ghanaian Christians need to read their Bibles well and stop relying on these Pastors and ther OSOFO MAAME nonsense. May the four dead find peace in the bossom of God. Aaamen!!!!

Justice Saepong (CARDINAL of TRUTH)

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