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Opinions of Monday, 20 May 2013

Columnist: Kyei, Ivan

Evil Men in politics "up and down machineries"

In the face of what l described as unprofessional heckling being
masterminded by "evil contractors" clad in T-shirts that bore as
inscription "making Ghana ungovernable"
The sole intention is to malign and bring the administration of this
country to disrepute because their appendages are not in control.
The recent unfortunate incidence ranging from incessant labour
agitations,sporadic shootings from unknown gunmen and raging fire outbreaks
are not mere coincidence but unsuspected machiavellian ploy to crush this
special time.
Assuming without admitting that these evil cohorts have succeeded in sowing
their evil seeds in the public sector and that the top brass in the various
government businesses is mainly composed of them, then the possibility of
unleashing cheap manipulations on men of intellectual wit, men our
educational sector had succeeded in reposing enormous knowledge and
confidence to serve the nation, their actions like cheap withdrawal of
services do not in anyway place some of us on the surprise radar.
Defiling this responsibility with impunity and then resort to or climb
down to the influences string-controlled by these knavish groups do give
clues of systemic administrative failure starring at us seeking immediate
In reference to the various public declarations made by machiavellian
cohorts "Let my vote count" (the devil rented brigades) who have vowed to
impair Ghana's development by gallivanting on the various streets across
the world dragging the country's image into the trash can scaring off
investors should never be underestimated as mere belligerence rhetorics and
allow these sucking elements to sneak under the law unnoticed.
The preponderance of coup talk in the media recently by top political
apparatchiks and war-mongering platforms mounted by persons and groups like
"let my vote count" inciting people to throw bombs and setting schools
ablaze never happened at the blind side of the police intelligence but has
escaped their investigations. I must say this is a major encumbrance on us
as people seeking to traverse the untoward economic hardships and the
security lapses befriending us. The security agencies must not sit aloof
like "loafers in paradise" for fear and the panic-stricken situation to
strike innocent men and women to death.

There have been several calculated verbal assassinations to topple and
render the government unpopular before the people and to win favour from
their rogue spectators, the alacrity in peddling this ugly noises in the
media can not be underestimated with keen inference from the unfriendly
atmosphere bestowed on us resulting in flaring of tempers, chanting of coup
choruses and heightening political tensions creating insecurity situations
across the length and breadth of the country.
This situation has brought on its tail a wave of crime and lawlessness in
several parts of the country especially the unfortunate unfolding scenes at
Kumasi. It is obvious the recent wave of killings at Kumasi are not mere
coincidence but reprisal attacks being orchestrated in a political
Based on the assertion put forward l can confidently without doubts say
that the recent spate of sporadic shootings and the panic-stricken
situation at Kumasi are just few of the evil agenda by these jumped-over
men put on duty by their political master and hence the situation renders
them vulnerable to refuse those bloody missions.
I therefore throw a challenge to the security machineries to bring these
vipers to justice before the situation gets out of control else it would
leave a venomous indelible imprint on the minds of reasonable and concern

My frustrations heighten upon the realization that not even an ant has been
nabbed by the various security agencies parading in respect to these
sickening developments.
These evil militants and unrepentant gang of miscreants mounting insurgency
against the nation, their activities indeed raise some questions, are they
ahead of the security intelligence? Since their evil schemes and
machinations are being operationalize in a broad-day without catching the
attention of the security apparatus, then one would not be wrong to
cogitate in affirmation to the question l have put there.
It is indeed mind blowing if these war-seeking statements on public
platforms and the ongoing reprisal attacks are sacrosanct enough in a
political definition to place the police intelligence on the reserved side
then l wonder what would then be considered a security threat worthy of

Again the death-trap of a situation is worsened by the fact which suggest
that the media has gradually turned-out to be an albatross hanging our
necks. Most of their publications are devoid of veracity and fairness and
are being used by politicians as vehicles transporting them to the
corridors of power. Aside shaping perceptions on sensitive issues and
educating the public,the media is charged also to report nothing but the
true reflection of issues however it is sad to note that, the various media
houses ranging from the print,electronic and other media houses have taken
political sides and they work parallel to that effect. The ethics of the
media profession which were ones the cherished virtues have now been thrown
to the pigs trampling them with impunity creating a hell of moral
abrasions. With their pathetic-political lens, same issues are reported in
different fashions portraying their allegiance to their political masters.

The media's obsession with cheap politicking and over- hyping of useless
utterances emanating from top figures in our politics has gradually push
matters of great essence into the periphery. The most unfortunate aspect of
it all is that the regulatory bodies charged with the responsibility of
maintaining sanity in the media landscape have indeed lost focus in
leadership pursuing their various selfish agenda.
In conclusion l suggest that we need to place Ghana first irrespective of
whom we hold allegiance to or what our preferences are, this current trend
of internal politics of deception and massaging of feelings must be placed
on the reserved side before we succeed in plunging this nation into a
chaotic and confusion state.
Let's join hands to fight these evil men whole-heartedly to traverse their
evil schemes and machinations because we are dealing with people whose
sense of thinking and analysis still bothers on the slavery mentality of
the stone age and hence can go every length to implement their evil plans
irrespective of the circumstances prevailing at a time.
Long live Ghana .
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