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Opinions of Thursday, 26 March 2020

Columnist: Dr. Mike Oquaye Jnr

We shall ensure bottom-top approach system in Dome Kwabenya Constituency

I have come to the realization that, for a Constituency to be successful there is the need to adopt a ‘Bottom Top Approach’ system. That is the way to go in DKC Politics. We shall adopt this system where Polling Station Executives would be the Central Point in all forms of Political Discourse. That way would enhance a great success in our Politicking in DKC.

Tapping Wisdom and Knowledge would be our first and foremost agenda. An agenda that seek to tap ideas from Polling Station Executives to manage the affairs of this Constituency. We are poised for this Political Challenge as we would adopt it.

’Yes we can’

We shall teach polling station executives how to fish and be self-independent

When our Senior Brother and Savior Jesus Christ was on this earth, he called his Disciples saying, “Come Follow Me and I Will Make You Fishers of Men”.

Any Good Leader would always seek for the Progression of his Direct People. A Good Leader Seeks to empower his people to be self-independent.
We (Constituency Executive Committee) shall incorporate into Polling Station Executives the need to involve themselves to be Entrepreneurs to establish Business on their own.

By this approach, there would be *Formation of Groups* to go into the following fields;

1. Agriculture (Crops, Animal Rearing)*

2. Manufacturing*

We shall bring in *Experts* from these areas mentioned to incorporate further knowledge into these group. More so, we shall seek support from the National Entrepreneurship and Innovative Programme *NEIP* to resource these groups.
It is possible for us to achieve all these for the betterment of our lives and more to be self-sufficient for the Progression of all.

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