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Opinions of Thursday, 18 July 2013

Columnist: Ali, Justice

We need a competent and unifier as our DCE.

Ladies and gentlemen of the press, thanks very much for responding to our call on such short notice. It indicates the importance you attach to the performance of your duty as the conduct for informing the people of this district on the matters of development. Ladies and gentle men, we have invited you here this morning to make it public that the spirit of positive defiance instilled in us by our founder H.E. J.J Rawlings is alive in us very much that any selfish individual who tries to play on our intelligence will be exposed and expelled from our midst.

We also take this opportunity to thank all our hardworking campaign teams, the numerous supporters of NDC across the length and breadth of the country and the entire Ghanaian population at large. As a matter of fact, no single person won the election for the NDC. It was the efforts of large majority of Ghanaians, led by party executives and MPS. NDC wouldn’t have maintained power if not for their hard work and support. In fact, it will be a mayhem if the effort of millions of people go un notice, unrecognized and unappreciated, when a listening ear is paid to Hon. Sulemani Alijata Gbentie when considering the appointment of our District Chief Executive.

It is upon this principle that we the youth wing of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) in the Sissala East Constituency of the Upper West Region, haven followed closely the call for the appointment of a competent person as our district chief executive. With keen interest, we wish to add our voice that, the President H.E.John Dramani Mahama and the appointment committee who have the mandate to appoint our DCE should not make any mistake and give a listening ear to our MP Hon. Sulemani Alijata and appoint any incompetent person as our DCE. It therefore, behoves the president and the appointment committee to do as much as possible a broad consultation to reflect the generality of the views of the mass majority and the party when appointing our District Chief Executive. We the young democrats believes in the wisdom of his Excellency John Dramani Mahama and have no any thought what so ever that the president will appoint a very competent person who will assist him in delivering the Better Ghana Agenda that our people are waiting patiently for. Ladies and Gentlemen of the press we wish to also state that we the young democrats will support any competent person that the president appoints to handle the issues of the District. Our District stand to be in a highly state of serious confusion if her choice of candidate is chosen as our district chief executive because the DCE is the political head of the District. We wish to also state emphatically that, we are aware of all her diabolic activities and her deliberate planting of certain individual to become our District Chief Executive to sing praises for her for the sole purpose of pursuing her own ambition in the party. We want to say that NDC is bigger than any individual; we cannot sacrifice our party (NDC) to compensate any individual or family’s parochial interest. We recall the reaction of the incumbent Member of Parliament for the constituency when she was not given any appointment, she paraded her a coli’s to denigrate the president and behaved as if she is the only competent person who could have handle the problems of the country. She is repeating that tangent and we plead that the appointment committee and for that matter the president should ignore her and just select a competent person for the District. We can confidently say that, with the realistic and achievable pledges that His Excellency President John Mahama has made to the good people of Ghana of which Sissala East is no exception to advance the better Ghana agenda, if a visionary leader who is also a unifier with a focus is nominated as the District Chief Executive in the Sissala East Constituency will also have it fair share of the National cake in terms of development, so that Sissala East could be redeem from its current state.

God Bless Ghana, Save Sissala East and Long Live NDC.

Signed by: Mr. Justice Ali; Communications Director for the Young Democrats.