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We must rise against police tyranny
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Opinions of Friday, 2 October 2015

Columnist: Newton-Offei, Justice Abeeku

We must rise against police tyranny

Just 72hours ago, the police service came out to tell the whole nation that they had intercepted a well-planned scheme by so-called hardened criminals intending to visit mayhem across the country, in the course of this week, and for that matter, a planned lawful demonstration by law-abiding citizens of this country, was rudely stopped by filing a damn flimsy ex-parte suit which was upheld by one of these GOAT-GRABBING and PROSTITUTE-LOVING judges.
The police therefore massed up at the EC premises and paraded the streets of the capital, Accra, in archaic Indian-made Mahindra vehicles and brandishing old-fashioned Kalashnikovs to scare ordinary Ghanaians going about their normal daily routines.
But by mid-day the same day the police were busy roaming the streets of Accra and wasting the nation's scarce resources by way of fuel and useful man-hours, chaos broke out at Eastern Regional town of Akooko, a distance of not more than 20km from the nation's capital. This disturbance resulted in three fatalities with many sustaining grievous injuries, as a result of being hit by bullets fired by the police.
Now, as a people, we have become used to mediocrity and therefore always fail to ask critical questions. For example; no serious country will engage on contract, a retired police chief, IGP, or the Chief Constable of Police, in the case of Britain. Our police service is replete with highly intelligent and well-educated professionals who are much capable of doing a better job than someone who has gone passed his retirement and evidently has absolutely no knowledge in Information Technology(IT),in this day/age of information super-highway(Internet).But we have all kept mute, as a people, for the president, in exercise of a shameless parochial interest, to retain on contract basis, a retired police officer to continue heading the most sensitive and highly dynamic institution as the police service.
And here I will take the largest opposition party, NPP, to task; indeed, if an NPP-led administration had engaged the services of a retired officer to head the service, an opposition NDC would have been caustically vociferous with their propaganda by mounting relentless insurmountable pressure on the government to drop such an unproductive move. But as expected, the NPP has kept quiet over the matter and our once professional police service has now been turned into a brigade of marooning thugs who are ready to break skulls, crash bones, squeeze breasts, rip apart G-strings and tear apart, the beats of peaceful innocent demonstrators.
During the entire months the 2012 election petition lasted, the entire nation was put under a DEMONSTRATION CURFEW, and we all sat aloof to be denied this constitutionally-guaranteed freedom. Unquestionably, our dear nation is critically ill, and as eloquently enumerated by Prof P.L.O Lumumba, we are all tacitly contributing to this chronic malaise through our shameful FAMA NYAME nonsense which is nothing but unimaginable height of TIMIDLY TIMID TIMIDITY.
Justice Abeeku Newton-Offei
Email: justnoff@yahoo.com

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