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Opinions of Thursday, 23 June 2016

Columnist: Hardi, Ibrahim

We must not mourn with the president but ....

..rejoice her mother next assignment by God.

Hajia Abiba Nnaba had achieved what she was supposed to do, according to the will of God. She gave us a President from her womb. She was a blessed person that is why Almighty God recalled her for another assignment. We must not mourn but rejoice for her next assignment by God.

Mr. President!,I have never doubted in your ability to reach this height. For it is often said ''a chicken that will grow into cock can be spotted at the very day it hatches''. Your past steps and actions in the political theater of this country – from Member of Parliament to Vice-President, had given all indications that you were destined to rule Ghana one-day and to take us to the promise land,but not this soon did some of us expected it. Some of us understand and would support you because the sudden manner in which you have exalted into this height, even burdens you with such high expectations and efforts to root yourself into that high-seat you now occupy and to avoid the mistakes of the past that could have ruined what you have today. I hope your thought on your last election is as reasonable as mine - your victory did not come through your personal deeds or credentials then,neither was it a reward for the mediocre performance of the administration you shared with your predecessor, the late John Evans Atta Mills, nor the somehow campaign our party staged. Rather,it was a vote of confidence reposed in you by anxious Ghanaians, with higher returns expected. We are in 2016 for another elections of which, some of us hope your deeds and credentials will win you a resounding victory,looking at the massive infrastructure,road networks and many other achievements. It is therefore my wish to advise that you remain the humble president of the people and reasonably exercise your powers by continuing your vigorous social transformational initiatives to assuage the harsh living-conditions of the ordinary Ghanaian like my own-self,restore the lost-hopes in ''foot soldiers'' on whose sweat you achieved this fortune.

Mr. President!,NDC as a party in power should provide leadership in all areas of our democratic consolidation, public relations and political tolerance. Therefore,it is your duty as ndc party elected president to sit down with your team of leaders to look at strategist,concerns and other useful ideas that will give us a smooth victory come the November 7th election. I know and witness a lot of reconciliations meetings that took place around the various constituencies but that is not enough. One funny thing is that,most die-hard supporters of the ndc party have lost trust in various levels of the party executives and you need to look out for a strategy. Meetings upon meetings with well know party executives,faithful would not solve our problems if we want to retain power. Organizing big rallies,busing people to rally grounds and other fun fairs would not help us. Sometimes, I laugh in my small corner when our colleagues in big towns organized health works and other kind of funny campaign strategist and be in the media making noise,bombard the social media with pictures. What would solve our problem in my opinion it's to be in the hamlets,villages and other places to talk to the ordinary Ghanaian. Npp made that mistake in 2012 elections and I see our party making same mistake they did. You are the leader of the ruling party and you should talk.

Mr. President,we have characters who are not fit to defend both government and the party yet they are allowed to be coursing mess which some people think that is the position of the government and party. Some people can understand that there is a difference when a person speaks as an individual, party or government. But others don't. Or they will pretend not to understand. These sadly are modern politics. The media team should be put to work. They should sit down with everyone in leadership. Mr. President,you needs to muscle up and show who is boss. We don't need a boss but sometimes some situations dictate that. I know that there are people who helped you in 2012 elections,but I strongly think you should tell them that this is to serve the people and you demands a disciplined team in all aspects. How they speak, what they say and where they say it should show mature and exemplary politics. We need strong and focused party officials. We need a party in power that has disciplined government official.

May the mother of the our president rest in perfect peace at this hard times. All we can do is to convey our condolences to President Mahama and the bereaved family. But for Hajia Nnaba we Say; You are bless that God has chosen you for his next errand....Good Luck and thanks for giving us a young energetic President.

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