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Opinions of Wednesday, 22 July 2020

Columnist: Dr. Samuel Adjei Sarfo

We must free our minds or die trying

Man of God, Charles Agyinasare Man of God, Charles Agyinasare

Inasmuch as the idea of our God goes, he is everything and nothing as such. He has been construed as the sun or moon or rivers or comets or lions or stones or fire or trees or wind or insects or crocodiles or bats or humans or hyenas or a mound of dung or mountains. And inasmuch as we have foolishly construed the deity, we have also concocted our myths or our superstition or our dreams or our nightmares or conduct or ethics or sacrifices or our hygiene or our means of healing or our sacredness and sanctity and sacrilege or scurrility or heresy or hypocrisy.

And inasmuch as we have construed his worship, we have also spoken gibberish or bowed down and scraped the ground or burned animals or offered human sacrifices or constructed gargoyles or developed caste systems or discriminated against each other or drunk bath water or gravely hated others or gone to war against others or raped others or envied them or robbed from them or enslaved them or killed them or inflicted maximum harm on them or even cannibalized them as a medium of our worship of our God. In our worship of our God, we have displayed unspeakable neuroses, burning people up or establishing patent prejudices against them or performing holocaust against them or beating them or spitting on them or treating them far worse than dogs.

Therefore, God has been everything to us and nothing to us at the same time. And he has supported our wicked fantasies and bestial imaginations in all the ways in which these were thought and taught to be commanded by him. And he has sanctified our most obnoxious traditions and customs and hierarchies and conduct and cultures no matter whether they have been blood-thirsty, morbid, moral or amoral. And we have worshiped him in all the heinous and despicable ways possible and attributed everything to him whether good or bad.

And for this thing called religion which is inherently a shackle on our thinking or non-thinking, we have given everything and gained nothing. We have allowed the gods to manipulate our thinking through those who, like Agyinasare, speak for him and act for him and eat for him and have acquired property in his name. For these, we have allowed our worship of God to become the pathway to their riches, prosperity and arrant greed. We have elevated them to be the lords and the gods over us at whose displeasure, the gods have been conveniently displeased; and in whose pleasure the God has been well pleased. We have become sheep for whom these people’s stick and rod comfort us, and who have led us to the greener pastures in order to fatten us for the slaughter! And on their festival days, we happily walk to the slaughter house to be killed for their joy and celebration.

We are therefore a people chasing the wind and whirlwind: the sheep bred to destruction! We have never thought because we have never been taught to think except to think the thoughts of these thoughtless mountebanks who teach as non-thinking in order to profit from us. And if somebody were to poke our eyeballs so that we can wake up, we would rather the person were crucified or castrated than that a trickle of bitter truth should descend upon our consciousness. The joy of our delusion is the opium of our faith and the eternal drug of our ecstasy.

We cannot create nor perceive, nor innovate nor understand nor comprehend. Because we think of what others have thought for us and believe the ideas of the past millennia and accept that God spoke to some people thousands of years ago and thereafter ran out of ideas. And thus must be obeyed through the prism of these arrant ignoramuses: People whose God created a flat world and forbade them to eat of the fruits of the knowledge of good and bad and commanded them to burn their children or their camels and sheep and goats; or to rob others of their lands and property or to take others’ wives and children and rob them of their inheritance, all in his worship.

If we are not so deprived of every fiber of our mental faculties, it should be of concern to us that our people are subservient to all these pernicious thoughts while still asking themselves why we are so much behind all others. We have chosen to align our fortunes to God who does not exist, and to a worship that is not defined, and to a book that is not ethical and to imposters leading us to the abyss.

But these impostors are the only people profiting from the charade. And after we have enriched them profusely, they want to point out to us their manifold blessings: Their magnificent buildings, their cars, their family and their plush living as the blessings from their God. They want to point out your poverty, your ill health, your frustrations and your misfortune as punishment from God. And if you dare question their wealth and opulence, they want to construe all in terms of your envy and jealousy, the sole reason why he has not yet bought a private jet with your money!

The danger is in those purveying for our purchase and their profit the false sense of delusion that we are saved in bondage; and that at the mention of some name, we will be eternally saved; or that through some miracle, or sacrifice, we will be redeemed. The thought that somebody else who was sacrificed thousands of years ago is coming to save our people is repugnant; and so are all the notions of our religion and superstition and all that we do that are contrary to science and logic and that are apposite to reasoning. We must be justly indignant!

If we want to taste the meaning of life, it is with our realities, not our concocted fantasies. We should get rid of these men and women of God. There is not a single true man of any God since the beginning of human history insofar as there is no God, and there has not been any God from the beginning of this earth to the end of all time..

The destiny is in our hands, and has nothing to do with any spirit, friendly or hostile. We should unclamp the strong shackles of religion and superstition. We should construct for the school system a science based education of logic and reasoning and patriotism and philosophy. We should abolish all forms of religion and superstition within the body politic and commit the fertile minds of the youth towards morality and patriotism. We should expiate all prophets and prophecies new or ancient.

The source of our backwardness has nothing to do with our predestination. It has everything to do with the trash we have imbibed of a non-existent God in whose name we have abandoned all thinking and reasoning and performed all evil and stupid deeds to enrich those who ride on us with impunity and confident tricks.

We must free our minds or die trying!