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Opinions of Sunday, 29 November 2020

Columnist: Dawda Eric

We don't have a short memory as the NDC think

The National Democratic Congress The National Democratic Congress

Sometimes, the National Democratic Congress and their social media guys think that, we don't read like them.

They think we have soon forgotten that, a competent court of jurisdiction once upon a time made a profound ruling which outrightly indicted the Mills-Mahama cabinet for approving a memo purported to have been a financial engineering from World Bank submitted to the executive by Philip Assibit through Abuga Pele.

According to the high court, that memo was fraudulent and due diligence by those who approved it would have saved this country millions of dollars paid to Philip Assibit on fraudulent claims.

That portion of the Judgement in Republic vs Abuga-Pele and Another is even enough for Ghanaians to reject John Mahama and the NDC for investing heavily in such deals which plundered the public purse.

Even before the 2008 elections, they labelled appointees of Kuffour's government as corrupt officials.

In fact, Ms Betty Mould Iddrisu is one of their political rallies in Kumasi in 2008 declared a full-blown prosecution of most of the appointees they labelled as corrupt.

When Ghanaians voted them into power, not even a single appointee of Former President Kufour's government entered Nsawam as they promised.

All the appointees they lined up in court were acquitted and discharged on grounds that, the state could not prove the charges against them as required in section 11 of the Evidence Decree 1975 (NCRD 323).

That desperate promise by the NDC to appease their supporters was on the back of the fact, Mr Kuffour had prosecuted senior NDC members in Rawlings's government. The likes of Mr Sipa Adjah Yankey, Ibrahim Adam, Victor Selormey, Dan Abodapki and others.

When President Akufo Addo took over, he was able to fast track the prosecution of Philip Assibit through a review of the case docket by the current Attorney General.

Today as we speak, the likes of Baffoe Bonnie and others have all been prosecuted for stealing the taxpayers money. The CEO of venture capital pleaded guilty in court with a promise to make reparation by refunding the" millions of cedis" in order to avoid being thrown to jail.

Currently, we have forty (40) appointees of JM government currently in court for stealing the taxpayers money when the same could have been invested in life touching policies like free SHS.

Even their party chairman is in court on allegations of conspiracy to maim innocent Ghanaians for political gains.

In their failed attempt(s)to paint a picture about this government to let it look as if this government is seriously engaged in STEALING, they should be told in plain language that,

A government desirous of stealing would certainly not introduce policies like free SHS and expansion of the intake of scholarship beneficiaries under the scholarships secretariat which has been decentralized to all districts in Ghana.

A government desirous of stealing would not have implemented NABCO which is temporarily helping our graduates who would have stayed in the house and depended heavily on their parents who spent the little resources they had on the said person while in school...

Perhaps, all these monies being spent could have been invested in corrupt deals to the benefit of the looter...

This government has touched lives more than any government in the history of Ghana... A government desirous of stealing wouldn't have absorbed water bills and utility bills during a pandemic like COVID-19.

Come December 7, Ghanaians are going to decide on who cares about the poor and the needy...It is certainly not going to be someone who plays alot of premium on building slay queens in Ghana