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Opinions of Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Columnist: Hardi, Ibrahim

We are still in our inferiority complex shells.

As a follower of social, economic and political issues. I love listening to music that borders on these themes. In most cases I like to listen to yesteryears reggae and revolutionary songs.
Due to the message and impact from the music, speeches and poetry, slave trade was ended, racial segregation was mitigated, women started to take part in politics and more importantly in time suppressed countries got independence.

If you look through history and everything that is recorded you can see that a small group of people made others suffer. Some European countries killed and made(even to date) other countries or races look/or feel inferior. Women even now are treated as second class citizens in political, social or religious cycles. As I said many people stood or are still standing up for the marginalised races, sexes or gender. Songs or pieces of writing are being done or composed. There seem to be a light at the end of a tunnel.

However, as much as we can see that light I still feel the people who have been or are victims must stand up and put their feet down. We have a lot of inspiration from leaders and artists of yesteryears but yet we-as a continent(Africa) we are still in our inferiority complex shells. We would rather say bad things to/or about our own kind but praise the other kind. It is the issue of women against women, own race against own race.

I am not saying that we should praise or support our own kind even if they do wrong. What I am saying is that kudos for someone just because they are different from us in terms of status or what we have been told to do or believe is a complex that is bad for mankind. We see that due to what I may term us colonial impact. Evident from people bleaching their skin(s), we see our own colour as inferior to others. We see our behaviour as second to those of the kind of our colonial masters. Here the problem is not our colonial masters or western countries it is us the former colonies. The most shocking thing is that even people who have a level of education still feel like this.

What is America(USA, Canada) or what is European has more sense than what is Ghanaian or African. If a Ghanaian said Ghana is an African state and a Briton said Ghana is found in South America people will believe the Briton and not the Ghanaian. This is how bad it is.

One of the many reasons Africa is not developed is because a lot of people have the inferiority complex. I have always noted that we can only learn from others but we have to be proud of ourselves and in turn find rhythm to/or for our own elements of life. We can’t solve our own issues all we do is run to the west for help. Opposition political leaders in Ghana or Africa countries are cry babies who will say anything bad there just to win sympathy.

Our new generation needs to understand that we have to remove and emancipate ourselves from that mental slavery. No one will but ourselves. Until that day when tribes, races, men or women alike are treated the same. Until that day when we stop to be cry babies. Until that day when we knowingly or unknowingly stop looking down on ourselves. That’s when we are going to be free from that self pit. sympathy and fear for the other people.

Please be positive, inferior to non. Ibrahim Hardi;contact 0208235615,Email;