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Opinions of Saturday, 24 August 2013

Columnist: Sangaparee, Clement

We Must All Accept The Supreme Court Verdict

If you follow the on going Supreme Court petition case closely, no one needs to amplify to you that the NPP is religiously honing their stand that every single unsigned pink sheet in any polling station that President Mahama won should be thrown away, so that Nana Akuffo Addo will sneak in as the President of Ghana from the back door. However, this is against the EC’s guild lines for the conduct of the 2012 Elections which clearly states that an unsigned pink sheet by a Presiding Officer should NOT INVALIDATE the RESULT IN ANY POLLING STATION. Infact the guidelines further explains that if Party Agents append their signatures on the pink sheets and for some reasons, some Presiding Officials fail to sign their signatures, THE RESULTS IN THOSE POLLING STATIONS ARE STILL VALID. Let me therefore use this opportunity to remind Mr. Hopeson Adoryeh that elections are won at the Polling Stations and not at the NPP National Headquarters or the Supreme Court in Ghana since the respondents led by their lawyers have enough evidence to convince the 9 member Supreme Court panel to DISMISS THE TIME WASTING PETITION of Nana Akuffo Addo, Jake Obetsebey Lamptey, Dr. Mahamodu Bawumia and their blood soaked NPP led by the Asante/Akyem politicians who always put a particular tribe before the people and lost general elections.
By the 1992 Constitution, if any political party feels cheated, it has the right to go to court to seek redress but under no circumstances should such an action turn into violence and bloodshed in Ghana as the violent prone NPP members like Hopeson Adoryeh are threatening to do when the NPP eventually had its vexatious petition thrown out of the Supreme Court finally because the 9 member panel of the Supreme Court are not CLASS ONE CHILDREN. Whatever choices and decisions Ghanaians would make after the Supreme Court verdict , whether the decisions promote PEACE or VIOLENCE, IT WOULD BECOME OUR LEGACY for future generations yet unborn. Nobody in Ghana must fool himself or herself into believing that if a CIVIL WAR empts in Ghana with the HEAD CUTTING of innocent men, women and children as threatened by Hopeson Adoryeh’s NPP, the World would intervene to help Ghanaians. This is false, the world would rather take pictures of the genocide via statelite for records purposes and allow Ghanaians to BUTCHER ONE ANOTHER.
If you doubt this, just take a look at Liberia, Sierra Leone, Rwanda, Libya, Egypt, the Sudan and recently the Republic of Syria to mention only a few. Does the leadership of the Asante/Akyem NPP believe that NDC members are fools to cast their votes for our Members of Parliament who form the majority in Parliament only to REFUSE TO CAST THE SAME VOTES FOR PRESIDENT MAHAMA DURING THE 2012 GENERAL ELECTIONS?
Therefore, with the detailed response filed by the NDC lawyers full of factual evidence, the NDC will carry the day amidst massive jubilation while the NPP will continue to shed tears of sorrow and gnash their rotten teeth. Now, is Hopeson Adoryeh a human being or a human beast parading as a democrat on radio stations and breaking the eardrums of well meaning Ghanaians with his cowardly empty threats of decapitating the heads of innocent people in Ghana? The threats of violence, bloodshed an civil war through the infamous battle cry of the NPP- “All die be die” will surly send the NPP to its political grave for ever.
I have several friends who are members of the NPP both males and females alike nationwide Most of them were my co. workers, classmates and other ordinary people long before the advent of party politics in 1992. Others were cadres of the revolution during the PNDC era 1982-1992. The last group of people are my relatives, some of whom refused to take my advice and STRAYED into the camp of the violent prone NPP to be baptized with violence, intolerance, deception, vilification and insulting behavior since 1992 to date. It is their democratic right to join the camp of the beast – I mean the Blue Elephant of the NPP and always behave like the destructive beast on political platforms, rally grounds and radio stations.
I never wish that these intolerant anarchists who opted to join the NPP should even fall sick, let alone thinking of their death, so why should the leadership of the NPP and their innocent supporters threaten Ghanaians especially NDC members with death? Let me remind them (the NPP) violent members that it is VERY DANGEROUS to chase a coward too far, if you do that, you will see and meet his BRAVERY and then know that he was only being patient and NOT A COWARD AFTER ALL. I still talk and even break bread on a dinner table with my strayed relatives and some friends in the NPP to date.
The disappointment of losing general elections and blaming one another within a political party and later re-organisation for the elections is not NEW to both the NPP and the NDC since both have ever lost and won elections before since Ghana returned to constitutional rule in 1992. However, the joy of winning the 2012 general elections where the President used only 40 DAYS to beat Nana Akuffo Addo, presidential candidate of the NPP and the tribal warlord on war path is SO SWEET THAT ALL NDC MEMBERS MUST THANK GOD AND CONGRATULATE THEMSELVES FOR A GOOD JOB WELCOME.
Traditional rulers, The Clergy and civil society organizations are all over the place sensitizing Ghanaians to accept the Supreme court verdict. These groups must direct their message to the violent prone NPP and not the NDC because we have already accepted the Electoral Commission verdict that President Mahama contested the 2012 election and beat the NPP’s Nana Akuffo Addo and the elections were free, fair and very transparent which the NDC lawyers will surely prove with abundant evidence to enable the court throw out the NPP’s time wasting petition for the country to MOVE FORWARD. Are the lawyers of the NPP telling Ghanaians that we voted for the NDC to get majority MPs in Parliament and rather voted against President Mahama or what are they talking about? The NPP must prepare for another thrashing by the NDC in 2016 and forget about KICKING OUT PRESIDENT MAHAMA through the Supreme Court because elections are won at the Polling Stations and Not at the Supreme Court.

British and the US opposition members does not resort to violence and head cutting the supporters of ruling governments when they lose elections. The NPP have introduced a strange democratic culture in the politics of Ghana since 1992 they have never accepted the results of ANY GENERAL ELECTIONS IN WHICH THEY CONTESTED AND LOST.

Their forebears, the National Liberation Movement N.L.M, the United Party all believe in the Same manner when they lost the general elections in 1951, 1954 and 1956 respectively to Dr. Nkrumah’s great CPP. No wonder, the Military led by Brigadier Afrifa banned the CPP on the advice of Dr. K.A. Busia for 10yrs to enable Dr. Busia’s Progress Party win the 1969 general elections Is anybody Listening? I am done, “Jaanbie Iwaii” - “Aluta Continua!