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Opinions of Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Columnist: Hougas, Mohammed

We Have Uncovered The Dubious Characters In CPP


We, the delegates of the great, but thinning Convention People’s Party have in past few months been subjected to gross, constant deliberate neglect by the leadership. They refuse to listen to our grievances. They do not want to implement the constitution by ensuring that the leadership organizes an early congress to elect a flag bearer for the 2012 elections. These constructive requests have been treated with contempt by the leadership. As if that is not injurious enough to the welfare of the party, Mr. Bright Akwetey, who by virtue of no proper display of aptitude in the party, calls himself the ‘Legal Advisor of CPP, and his cohorts, have added more insults to our already existing injuries. Mr. Bright Akwetey is quoted to have said in an interview granted to Ghana News Agency that the delegates of the party from the various regions who are calling on Leadership to organize early congress to elect a flagbearer DUBIOUS CHARACTERS.

We hereby wish to put on record that we consider the statement unfortunate and an indictment on our integrity. How could he have made such patent comment about the very people, whom, he is looking forward to seek their mandate to represent the party for flagbearership slot for the 2012 elections? He should have known better, we are waiting for him. Our call has always been a genuine one with no malice intent. We are only asking for an early congress to enhance the electoral fortunes of the party in the 2012 general election.

Bright Akwetey must understand that violation of our Constitution and incredible failure to exercise proper fiduciary responsibilities towards the party’s delegates is painfully bad. We believe that the fact that if after repeated notifications, the ‘Leadership’ continue to fail to act in the interest of those of us who bestowed our unquestionable trust upon them, then it means that they are traitors.

If Mr. Bright Akwetey wishes to know the Dubious Characters with Questionable Loyalty to the Party, then we advice him to look no farther than himself, Hon. Samia Yaba Nkrumah, Ivor Greenstreet, and some Elements of the Leadership who are employing nefarious machinations with outside collaborators to destroy our party, by promoting their personal interest to the detriment of the collective interest of the rank and file. We are all aware of the many things they are doing with the NDC/NPP against the interest of the party. Now we know who the NDC moles in the CPP are.

On behalf of all of the delegates of the party, who collectively act as the managers of the party, ask Mr. Bright Akwetey and whoever instigating him, to come out and apologise for such needless assertion or comments. With all due respect, we are not fools. We know what is good for us and that is what we would stand by. What we want is congress now or never. We can assure our detractors…on the basis of a continuation of their flawed practices, their chances of staying in the party are non-existent.


*Mohammed Hougas*

*Okaikoi North Secretary - CPP*