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Opinions of Thursday, 30 June 2011

Columnist: Asare, Noah Dugubrame

We Have No Message Nor Vision; NDC

The ruling Party, National Democratic Congress has lost vision, focus and direction and fall short of any more lies they can tell Ghanaians and have therefore resorted to attacking personalities in their rival party, New Patriotic Party accusing them of illegal dealings without a shred of evidence. Instead of dealing with the difficulties the Ghanaian people are passing through and the pressing issues on the ground, they are rather mischievously associating the main opposition party with narcotic dealings without shame. Shame of a ruling party accusing people of dealing in drugs and not being able to bring such people to book. If a government claims to have evidence against any person or group of person for engaging in any illegal activity and is not able to apprehend such people, that kind of government is irresponsible and not worthy to handle the affairs of a state.

Its about time that the NDC and their Hypocrite president knew that their traditional way of politicking, which is politics of lies is no more applicable because Ghanaians have come to understand the kind of liars they are. I need not remind Ghanaians that the NDC came into power just by lying to Ghanaians who having not tested the leadership of the candidate Atta Mills thought he was telling them the truth only to regret today.

When the NDC was in opposition led by Atta Mills they accused many people in the NPP of different Crimes ranging from murder, drug trafficking, corruption and even stealing. God being so good, power was handed over to them and close to three years down the line not a single conviction has taken place of all the thousands of people they accused.

Pres Atta Mills then the flag bearer of NDC stood on the streets of Tamale and Yendi telling them they (NDC) had evidence to unravel the covering over the Ya Na's murder and will bring the killers to book when he is given the mandate to rule Ghana. Tell me what has come up of those alleged murderers of the Great King? He and the NDC was telling Ghanaians blatant lies just to win votes, now in power he(Atta Mills) are still lying to Ghanaians. They told us of tape evidence and many other things they said will lead to those arrests only to tell us after receiving the votes that the tape has nothing tangible in the form of evidence. They said it was not a credible evidence that one can put before court. They were promising the people of Dagbon and Ghanaians of a tape they knew well was not a credible evidence before a court. Lies are what NDC is made up of and nothing else.

Just recently the deputy information Minister came on air and told Ghanaians that in the first six months of their government they created 1.6million jobs only for the Minister in Charge of the employment sector to come out and deny any knowledge of those jobs. Later the deputy information minister instead of humbly appologising for his lies, rather turns it round and blame it on misunderstanding on figures. Ok, 1.6 million was a mistake so which is the correct one? Lies, lies and lies.

Just before NDC came to power there was an accute shortage of crude oil throughout the world and a subsequent high cost of fuel on the international market and also in Ghana. The then candidate Attah Mills on a campaign platform told Ghanaians that He(Atta Mills) and the NDC was a party that cares for Ghanaians and will therefore reduce fuel prices drastically as soon as he comes to power. Ghanaians had faith in him thinking he was all that was said about him. President Mills came into office and for months the price was still the same. People reminded him of his promise and then he fianlly reduced it by just meagre margin. Then few days later he increased by an unprecedented margin of 30%. Care for you indeed. When he was asked why, I believe Ghanaians will remember his reply. It was just a campaign promise. I am hoping for the day President Mills and the NDC government will make real promises.

President Mills and the NDC came into power lying to Ghanaians that they were going to deal with corruption ruthlessly. A year into government, President Mills was confronted with a real test case when his minister, Mutaka had a whistle blown on him for the "chinchinga", "girlfriend" and "pampers" money and a filthy corruption allegation. Had it not been the bold ruling of our judges even the whistle blower will have tasted the wrath of the man who said he will eradicate corruption. Did you hear the president say a word when his ministers like Ama Benyiwa Doe, Asiedu Nketia (General Secretary), Okudjeto Ablakwah and many others were accused of coruption? He rather defended them. Even within his own party his government has been accused of corruption consistently and yet the man who said he is a God fearing man cannot fulfil his promise of showing absolute resistance against corruption. It is only in the NDC that a Regional Minister (Ama Benyiwa Doe) and his Regional propaganda secretary(Allotey Jacobs) will stand on air abuse and threating each other because of dubious contracts and government did nothing to them. Lies, lies and lies is what NDC is made up of.

We have issues facing us as a people. Our poverty population has grown fro less then 9% to more than 34% in just two and half years and all a responsible governmemt could do is attack personalities through her appointee and half baked journalists. Peolpe cannot afford three square meals and all you use your air time as a government to talk about is vain accusations. Is it not a shame when the waters are not flowing and the lights are going off every minute and you have nothing to tell the peolple you claim you care for but unnecessary lies? The road to the House of the President himself is so bad that he confess he is ashamed of himself and yet nothing is done about it but to just accuse people wrongly because maybe they are richer than you.

Ghanaians by these moves should know that the NDC from the days of Former President Rawlings have always been lying to us. Rawlings for example came to power singing probity and accountability but in all his reign his ministers, appointees and himself never made accounts to the Ghanaian people. Hilla Limann was accused of misusing state funds because he bought a Peougeot 504 but in Rawlings government for the first time we saw convoys of Land Cruisers, Pajaros and many luxury cars. The fisrt time I heard of Jacuzie (or whatever they call it) for bathing and massaging it was when Nana Kunado imported it at a very high cost. Now he(fomer President Rawlings) has freights of cars. Talk of Jaguars or any car he has it even up to private harbourd motors and boats. His wife is a able to import sets of brand new pick ups just for a flagbearership campaign and they still go about talking about probity and accountability, what trash? The Rawlingses as confirmed by Allotey Jacobs are rich, because just them have been able to make thousands of boys; FONKAR boys "fithy rich". Where did they get that kind of money? Are they also cocaine dealers? Jealousy makes people think this way. That whoever is better is because he endulge in some bad practice. No in our society can be rich without being accused of one thing or the other. Every thief thinks everyone looking good is a thief.

If the NDC has no plan nor message for Ghanaians they should step aside and allow a visionary, bold, truthful and a well determined Nana Addo Dankwah Akuffo Addo to come and rule. At least he speaks the truth without fear. Because all this propaganda and carracter assasination is telling Ghanaians is; We Have No Vision Nor Message As A Pary.

God bless The Peoples Republic of Ghana.

Noah Dugubrame Asare, Frankfurt - Germany.