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Opinions of Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Columnist: Ahmed, Musa

Was the late Mahama Betrayed by Kuffour & NPP


Ghana has once again been hit with yet another demise of a hilarious son. This time around involving a former Vice President, H.E. Alhaji Aliu Mahama, who served Ghana during the Eight (8) years of the erstwhile NPP Kuffour led administration (ie: 2001-2009).

On Friday, 15th November this year, Ghana woke to the sad news of the death of Alhaji Aliu Mahama who was reported to have passed on at exactly 9:45 am of Ghana time. Many could not believe their ears when the news was gradually filling the air. Many people, who had known, associated and worked with him more especially his NPP fokes and former government officials started putting calls to one another hoping against hope that the news was false, but it was all to no avail.

As Ghana continuously mourn the late Vice President, we the members of the Platform for Northern Development (PFND) acknowledge the fact that he (Alhaji Aliu Mahama) has been one of the calm, gentle and fine politicians Ghana has ever had, more especially as a Northerner and a Muslim. Undoubtedly, we believe he had served Ghana, the North and the Muslim communities in his own ways despite the challenges that kept militating against his efforts.

The late Vice President may his soul rest in perfect peace, happens to be one of the finest politician from the North and also the only Muslim who had served in the capacity of the second man of the Ghanaian state, for not mean a period but eight years, an offer we Northerners and Muslims alike were proud of. We appreciated that it was an opportunity given to our late father, uncle and Brother H.E. Alhaji Aliu Mahama may his soul rest in perfect peace, but not a privilege. We thank the NPP and former President J.A. Kuffour for such a gesture.

Though the nation is still in the state of mourning our late father, people have already started jumping into the political fray, in trying to analyze the role played by the late Vice President during his tenure of office in uplifting and developing the Northern part of the country, were he comes from as well as Islam the religion he is associated with, an issue we believe is a non-starter more especially around this time.

The Platform wishes to advise that Northerners and Muslims alike should not be slapped with another grief feeling of haven been deserted, dejected, and above all humiliated after dedicated services and commitments we continuously show to political parties in the country, We deserve more than to dumped after being used to win political powers.

The platform was surprise to have heard some of the NPP stewards and government officials confidently espouse how committed, Hardworking and remarkable our late father was while serving as the Vice to former President Kuffour, who also appreciated the diligent service exhibited by our late farther but had to betray him to support John Alan Kyeremateng, one of the Sixteen candidates who contested the longest serving Vice President of Ghana as mentioned by former President Kuffour, during the NPPs 2007 flag bearership contest, where he (Alhaji Aliu Mahama) was unacceptably betrayed by the NPP, and even his boss (President Kuffour) whom he had served with. The question is " couldn't the first hardworking Northerner and Muslim Vice President Aliu Mahama, as expressed by former President Kuffour, have be pushed, supported and endorsed by the NPP to lead the NPP into the 2008 elections? What are we being told today by the same people who denied and turned our father down when he needed them the most ; they easily failed to tell people how diligent he served the NPP and Ghana at large during their 2007 flag bearership contest, which we believe would have easily help get him endorsed by the delegates.

May we state that we take exceptions to the continuous use of our people (Northerners/Muslims) in canvassing for electoral fortunes but neglected when they bid for support, even within the parties they diligently served.

Again, the person of the late Vice was left but to chastisement, bastardization and vilifications following the problems that Muslim pilgrims in Ghana were faced with, throughout the eight years of the NPP Kuffour led administration, all because he was a Muslim Vice who was seen to have had the chance of administering a perfect Hajj arrangement in averting the problems faced by Muslim pilgrims over the years, which is virtually becoming a thing of the past under the four year watch of H.E. John Dramani Mahama, who was also a vice president and a sitting President as we speak, though not a Muslim but very passionate about their welfare. Finally, we call on all Ghanaians to be careful in accepting one political party or another just by their inferences on geographical, tribal or religious circles but rather on performances in alleviating the problems we differently face at different times and occasions.

Those who are in the rural areas should look at the developments that have reached them by comparing the records of the two leading political parties (NDC and NPP) over the years in making political choices, as we are sure that government employee would also refer to their working conditions in determining which government or party serves them better. We acknowledge that the massive

facelift that the Savannah areas are seeing would also be compared to the available records of the Eight years of the NPP administration, as the Muslim community which has Hajj as a pillar of it's believe, would also compare the state of organizing hajj under the NPP and NDC, while parents and students who have received Laptops, school uniforms and exercise books free of charge, would result to comparing the state of their wards' education under the NPP and NDC in making their choice.

Haven made our point on some of the things that should be looked at and referred to, we hope Dr. Mahmudu Bawumia, our brother from the North is not just being used for vote seeking from the north and Muslim fraternity as it manifested in the case of our late Vice President, may his soul rest in perfect peace.

Our advocacy would be meaningless when we fail to advise the youth of our dear country, to desist from actions that can lead to mayhem, acrimony and even lost of lives. The future of Ghana lies on our shoulders. Our parents, family and Ghana have been and would ever be proud of us when we shun violent acts by embracing peace and unity as we go into the December 7th election. God bless our homeland Ghana and make our nation great and strong.

Musah Ahmed. (President).