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Opinions of Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Columnist: Quaye, Stephen A.

Was The Musiga President Drunk?

From: Stephen A.Quaye, Toronto-Canada.

It was unbelievable for me and I hope other persons who read the story of MUSIGA president Diana Hopeson, telling the law enforcement agency to temper justice with mercy when she pleaded on behalf of the sexy songstress Mzbel.

Her explanation for pleading for the songstress to be granted pardon for the alleged assault on the peace officer was baseless and needs to be thrown out because as an actress one needs to be a role model in all fields.

So the explanation that as an actress when you are late to your venue you might over speed or rush or may act in a way that may be misbehavior should be thrown to the dogs.

No body is talking about her late appearance at her venue or where she was going at that time. She might be aware that as a songstress she was suppose to be a role model by being punctual and also follow the traffic regulations strictly for others to also emulate for all to enjoy smooth traffic flow.

Even at all if she has been stopped by a uniform police officer who was doing his work by ensuring that she embarked on her journey safely at a time where she was suppose to be present at an event, what she should have done was to talk politely with the officer then explaining circumstances which lead to her act for leniency.
But no as according to the story she held the throat of the officer who was questioning her initial act of rough driving which could also be described as a criminal offence. Then if a whole president of MUSIGA was pleading for her pardon she also says the police should temper justice with mercy.
Suppose her over speeding lead to her knocking down a pedestrian killing him instantly or caused a head on collision with another car causing a fatal accident killing many people ,we would have pointed accusing fingers at the police for not doing their work well on the roads.
A uniform police man doing his work well as expected of him by stopping an over speeding driver to ensure he saves the driver and passengers from any eventual accident and the driver a sexy songstress feel offended and assaulted the police officer then we are asking the peace officers to temper justice with mercy?
What a shame?
There are a whole lot of immoral acts going on in the country unchecked because the very people who are suppose to be role models by which their acts are expected to teach the young ones the right of way are rather neck deep in these immoral acts so how do we clean the system?
A teacher goes into the classroom to teach the pupils how to be law abiding by not insulting elders in their communities, not to attack a police man because they protects individuals.
Then those they respect as role models like this thing expecting them to behave the way their teachers taught them are found to be holding the throat of the peace officer what do you think the young children will also say?
Of course our teacher said we should not attack a peace officer but that sexy songstress held the throat of the peace officer the other day and went scot free so where is the truth that I will be jailed if I do that is the exact words any child will use to question.
You will remember not quite long ago the American Musician Chris Brown assaulted his girlfriend Riana. He was arrested, charged, prosecuted and sentenced to spent quite a number of days in correctional institute after which he was supervised to do a community work.
The community work he was supervised to do was to sweep the streets of busy places where people will see him as a popular person doing cleaning to serve as deterrent. The judge did not look at the fact that he was a musician and that his image was at stake because if he thinks so then he should have behaved well.
The same way the police and for that matter the law court should not accept the fact that they were considering her image and leave her to go scot free.
Because if she assaulted the police officer by holding his throat and went scot free, next time she will squeeze the balls of another officer and tear down his uniform and plead with them to temper justice with mercy.
If I would be asked what kind of sentence should be handed down to the accuse I would have suggested that she be made to tidy up the cross road intersection of castle road and independence square for two weeks so that the president seeing her can congratulate her for keeping the place tidy.
Let the case go through the process of the law in a competent court to serve as deterrent to other artists who are also misbehaving in the system to see that the law has no respect for anyone but all are equal under the law.
Other artists should learn their lesson from this.