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Opinions of Saturday, 2 July 2016

Columnist: Adofo, Rockson

Was President Mahama indeed pelted with objects or he was stoned?

From a stark warning issued by some supposedly “Friends of President Mahama in the Volta region”, they will stone Nana Akufo Addo should he ever again be seen in the Volta region. According to them, it is to retaliate the alleged pelting of President John Dramani Mahama with some offensive objects when he went to some parts of the Ashanti region.

One thing I can reliably vouch for is that President Mahama was booed and jeered at by the audience, especially those that had lined up by the roadside when he went to some districts in the Ashanti region. He was not stoned as is irresponsibly being alleged by his sycophantic friends who as lazy as they are, want to freely feed off the wealth of the nation without wiping off a single sweat from their forehead.

Such are the leeches President Mahama loves associating himself with in the hope of continuing to win elections on silver platter, although as outrageously incompetent, corrupt and clueless as he is.

Yes, these Mahama’s sycophants can boo and jeer at Nana Akufo Addo as much as they like but to stone him instead of probably throwing eggs at him, which is even abhorrent, they will be forced to answer for it.

We are not going to sit back for people who in this day and age still believe in collusively supporting irresponsible leaders to mismanage the nation through deliberate acts of corruption and mismanagement to ruin the country for us. This is a counter warning to the Mahama fanboys who listen to the dictates of their stomach and heart instead of their head.

As I have made my views clearer in one of my recent publications, I do not regret for the booing and jeering at President Mahama but pelting him with whatever is wrong. No bodily harm must be caused to him but to hurt his feeling through booing to prove that he is an eyesore and a hated being for causing economic pain to the country and her citizens is not wrong at all.

If President Mahama was a Whiteman in any of the Western world countries, he would long have resigned his post following the discovery of his many committed acts of corruption let alone, his recently uncovered acceptance of Ford Expedition car for gift from a Burkinabe contractor.

People like the said “Friends of President Mahama in the Volta region” are those that do not let President Mahama see his faults in case he would change if he knew them. Such people are the real enemies of the President but not those who out of frustration and suffering boo him.

Anyway, President Mahama’s time to exit the political scene, going down in history as the most failed, corrupt and incompetent President of Ghana is long overdue. No matter what his so-called friends do, even eating “pusa kenten ma, he will go!

Are they not ashamed to continue to support him to prop his position, seeing the extent of economic ruin he has caused to the nation and the people therein?

The wind of change is blowing; and that wind will carry President Mahama away from the presidency to a nightmarish political wilderness where there is a constant gnashing of teeth and wailing.

To conclude, I call on all justice-seeking and peace-loving Ghanaians to join me in the fight of liberating Ghana from the grips of thieves and crooks calling themselves President, the President’s friends, and the President’s traditional Overlord buddies.

The Liberation Fight continues unabated!!!

Rockson Adofo

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