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Opinions of Sunday, 11 September 2011

Columnist: Page, Robert

Wake Up! Management of Trasacco Estates!

This is a wake up call to the management of the Trasacco Estates, Adgyiringano East Legon to desist from the disservice being metted out to the inhabitants of their phase 1 estates.

For close to a year now, the Managements of Trasacco Etates owned by Mr Terriconi have placed an injustifiable ban on the entry of taxis into the estate without prior discussion,consultation or notice to its home owners. The management claims it was a policy adopted by some leading members of the estaes' committee... But the question is who constitutes the committee? Upon research, it has been established that the committee comprises a few respected personalities in the estate, about 4-5 in number.... These people are obviously well to do, some have a fleet of cars at their disposal and most likely have no people who visit them in taxis. They evidently have no use for taxis. To the best of my knowledge even their house boys drive around in all sort of flashy and fanciful cars. But then there are also the vast majority who may not be as privileged to enjoy these luxuries. What they know is they have worked their 'asses' off to purchase their legitimate properties. They do not have a fleet of cars and drivers at their disposal as some may and most atimes have to resort to taxis to convey their children to and from school and maybe their house helps when they go to shop for their homes as they cannot afford to always carry out these responsibiities themselves.

Shall then the legitimate rights of a majority be sacrificed for the unduly expensive comfort of a 'four' minority?

Some of the instances are completely appalling! A 75-year old woman who came to visit her son in the estates was subjected to an unpardonable inhumane treatment as she was asked to get down from the taxi she had come in and walk through the rain which was then pouring cats and dogs to continue her journey to her destination.

Another scenario is when a foreign national who had come rent a property temporarily and had to resort to the use of taxis bearing in mind the rediculous rates of car rentals these days, was made to carry his huge gas cylinder shoulder high to his house....... The security just looked on unconcerned amidst giggles.

We could go on and on..... So the question I ask myself is so what if somebody fell critically ill and had to be rushed to the hospital? What if his driver was not around and a taxi had to come in and take the person to the hospital.... What would happen then? Or will the management just rejoice if the person dies.

We always have to look at the bigger picture! Ghanaians are fond of copying blindly. I have travelled far and wide. I have witnessed some places adopt this policy but you also realise that there is always provision for FREE SHUTTLES to convey residents to and from not just the main entrance but also to and from the tube stations.......

I am aware that when the management attempted something like that ago, a wise Nigerian objected and it was called off. This time the management is giveing an excuse that it was decided by the 'committee' leaders and the policy cannot be rescinded not until the next meeting which is a couple of months away. But the issue is do we just look on whiles innocent people suffer? People are complaining bitterly and all the management and the security guards are saying is people will get used to it....People please!

I suggest something be done about this embago and fast. I suggest it be suspended until the next meeting when an amicable resolution to this problem is found!

Thank you!

Robert Page.

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