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Opinions of Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Columnist: Achintir, Anthony

Vodafone Ghana - Another Failed Company?

After selling our most cherished national asset to the Brits (our colonial masters) one would expect that quality of service will significantly improve. All we get is the same old poor service. After paying for my home broadband installation some three weeks ago, I was told installation will be done within 10 working days. Technicians will call and ask you to wait between 9am and 10 am on a Saturday, only to come after 6pm without any apologies. They then physically connect and tell you your username cannot be traced on the system and therefore you'd have to wait for 48 hours (till Monday). Come Monday, you get no phone call (you can't even reach anyone to give a reasonable explanation as to when work will be completed). Monday ends with no show.

Who at all is responsible for measuring staff performance? Where have staff SLAs (service level agreements) gone to? Is this the world class Vodafone we know or they have only succeeded in buying our national asset because of the lucrative fibre optics deal that was provided as icing on the cake?

I'm really very disappointed at how very little tasks such as broadband connectivity can take ages to complete. Until we hold these people responsible for their own actions we will keep being treated as if we owe them for such services. It is high time the NCA (National Communications Authority) established standards to monitor the activities of these companies who claim to be world class but provide poor quality of service.