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Opinions of Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Columnist: Achacha, Charles

Victory For Mahama As Akufo Adddo Cries For Justice

Victory For H.E. John Mahama As Hon. Nana Akufo Adddo Cries For Justice.

It is very obvious that the toil of the great warriors of the NDC have bore a great fruit as manifested in their landslide victory in the past election. This seems to many as a mirage, because they doubted a man of Northern descent easily winning an election so massively. To me, this is just the confirmation of how equal all Ghanaians are as enshrined in the 1992 constitution. Others also had the assurance of John Mahama’s victory, but were not able to anticipate it been a “One touch” victory. In any case, the reality is now here with us that, democracy, which is the institutionalization of freedom, has made it possible for the good people of Ghana to elect their president by voting for the best among the best. However, it is necessary for Nana Akufo Addo to storm the court without any persuasions. Because, this is the most effective mean through which he can get justice.

In fact, the emergence of H.E. John Mahama as the president of the republic of Ghana after the demise of the late President Mills, sent me down the memory lane to recall the “Great Men theory” of Leadership in Public Administration as a subject. “Great men theory” has it that “some people were born leaders and they are destined to be leaders, for no amount of human power or force can deny them that right”. The question I ask is, could it be the reason why JM won by landslide?

One thing so significant about JM’s victory is, he won the election without the inputs of some persons who always think that, without them nothing can work for the NDC, for that matter for Ghana. These persons were conspicuously shredded during the crucial moments of JM led campaign. Many were worried about this development, but others were not. Just because, they knew that, the purported Messiahs’ vacation of the NDC party was a blessing in disguise. The facts now speak that without their inputs, NDC can even do extremely well than their presence. Comparatively, their presence in the party in the past and their unpalatable misconducts precipitated the many “Run offs” that the late President Mills faced. With this evidence, I can state that Ghana is no more for any individual or family who in the past held the delusional view that Ghana is for them.

Yes!! The end of fascist-democracy in Ghana is here; we are now in the real phase of democracy. The poor and the vulnerable can no longer be dictated to under the pretence of caring for them. They can now take decisions by themselves and express their freedom in tranquil environment. For, “it is better to enjoy one’s poverty in freedom than to enjoy someone’s riches in captivity”. These fascists who walked in the shadows of democrats should get it clear that, people are now discerning and will no longer bend to their “outwit personae”. The question on people’s lips is “who are these fascist-democrats”? This will forever be rhetorical.

Nonetheless, as it is that the new wind of democracy is blowing, which made it for John Mahama to be declared the president elect by the Electoral commissioner, so it is that the same democracy permits Nana Akuffo Addo to seek redress in court. I vehemently disagree with people who are calling on Nana Akufo Addo not to sue concerning the outcome of the 2012 election, in the interest of peace. Very prominent people are calling for this, but they should be reminded that, “peace is not the absence of war, but the presence of justice”. And the only way that justice can be delivered is through the court. We the young ones need this alleged election frauds and other cheatings that always characterize our elections to be trialed and tested by our competent courts. So that in the case of future events of election related frauds, which is inevitable, there will be a precedence of verdict to fall on.

Some also argued that, Hon. Nana Akufo Addo should concede defeat. Please, the good people of Ghana don’t need Nana’s conceding in order to know the winner of our election. The only body mandated to declare election results in Ghana is the electoral commission. And they have carried out this obligation already. What is now open to any grieved party is to storm the court. We the members of “Amalgamation of Youths in Politics” will follow this case with great interest. I urge the plaintiff and the defendant to parade very competent lawyers to pursue this case to the latter.

How? Unnecessary protest and agitations are not the best ways to go. The organizers of these protests should know that their behaviour is archaic and has no place in our current democratic system. To some extent, I blame the security services for not been proactive in arresting some unscrupulous people who claim they are our intellectuals. But as it is since the days of Shakespeare, “the rich rule the law and the law grind the poor”. I rest my case.

God bless Ghana. Thank you.

Supreme Liberation Movement of Anlo.
Amalgamation of Youths in Politics.