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Opinions of Friday, 22 June 2012

Columnist: Ibrahim, Patriot Faisal

NDC, They Just Don’t Care!

The NDC is not interested in developing this country or the welfare of Ghanaians.

They engage in pettiness most of the time. They happen to be in power, Ghanaians expect them to act more responsibly in the issues they bring to the fore for national debate but NO. They will over hype and promote unnecessary issues for national discussion.

The death rumor of the President is an example. I have no doubt; it was started from the Castle. We do not live with the President; neither do we have access to the health records of the President. People at the Castle I am told were sending people those text messages, I think God we did not fall for that trap.

On Wednesday, 20th June, 2012 the general secretary of the NDC party, Greedy Mosquito, was on air accusing the NPP of starting and spreading the wicked rumor. Alhaji Bature's paper, Al-Hajj accused the whole National Chairman of the NPP, Jacob Otanka Obetsebi-Lamptey (who is out of the country) of sending text messages about the death of the President. Their plan was to win sympathy votes. Kwesi Pratt was also at it, speaking so passionately like his next food depends on it. He was also accusing the NPP of same act. In 2008, they used same strategy.

Ato Ahwoi, according to Herbert Mensah, leaked the information that Candidate Mills was unwell and unfit to run for the presidency, however, they turned around and accused the NPP of spreading the news.It may have worked then, but Ghanaians are smarter now.

The NPP party has denied being behind the recent death rumor.A Deputy Communications Director of the NPP, Mr Sammy Awuku, said on Joy Fm, the NPP saw President Mills as an opponent and not an enemy, for, “politics is a contest of ideas.”

The president according to him, “is the embodiment of the nation, we want him to come back strong, fit and alive; we want Professor Mills to live to see 2012 so that he will see where the NPP will take Ghana to beyond 2013.” Sammy Awuku has repeated the denials on various radio station, but the NDC Government is committed to hanging the NPP according to their plan.

Despite this denial and many others by leading members of the NPP and communicators, a deputy Minister of Information Samuel Okudzeto Ablakwa says he is surprised the opposition New Patriotic Party(NPP) is refusing to learn from the mistakes which cost them the 2008 election.

He says members of the NPP are still repeating the same mistakes they made in 2008 that compelled Ghanaians to reject them.

‘’I’m shocked and disgusted the NPP campaign wing will continue to engage in this politics of death and politics of sickness, it’s so sad’’, he said. So for the NDC Government, they want the NPP party to be behind the rumor. They simply don’t care about the facts. They have a group of people to blame, so the execution must take place.

One would have thought the Deputy Information Minister will be diverting national discourse towards development and the welfare of the people. But he does not care; let’s continue talking about whether the President is dead or NOT! That may put food our table.

Please vote the NDC OUT!