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Opinions of Friday, 18 February 2011

Columnist: Kumi, Kwasi

Victimisation Of Ghanaians In China

For sometime now, holders of Ghana passports have had it difficult to extend
their visas. Chinese Authorities refuse to extend visas for Ghanaians. The
reason is that Ghanaians are committing crimes in China.

It is true that some of the people sometimes engage in ilegal activities, but
victimizing a whole country is not right. There are many Ghanaians who are law
abiding, and many of these law abiding Ghanaians are suffering.

How can a whole country be embargoed with the excuse that a few of its citizens
are committing crimes?

Some Chinese in Ghana are also committing crimes and I think it's not fair to
say that we are not going to extend the visas for Chinese in Ghana because some
Chinese are committing crimes.

Everywhere you, they say sorry we don't give visas to Ghanaians.
I think this is crazy.

I want the government to tell the Chinese that they are aware of the unfair
treatment they are giving to Ghanaians in China. If they think some Ghanaians
are committing crime in China, they have police, let them find these people,
arrest them, and punish them according to their national laws.
Victimizing a whole country I think is against human rights.

Thank you,
Festus Aboagye