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Opinions of Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Columnist: Keyeke, Kofi

Vice President, C and J Workers Need Your Intervention

His Excellency,

Vice President John Dramani Mahamah,

With all due respect, I salute you for the wonderful job you have been doing for mother Ghana in terms f ensuring that equal rights and justice is served every individual. With this I have decided to draw your attention to some injustices and cheating going on in a private health institution through this medium for correction.

In fact I have already lodge a complaint to the president Professor John Evans Atta Mills about it some few days ago through the same medium through an open letter which was posted on Ghana web but nothing has been heard about it. Because the president is busy and at present attending a summit in Libya, I have decided to also file a complaint before you for quick action due to the huge effects any delay in resolving the issue might cause majority of the people who benefit from health care from the facility. Mr. President, workers at C and J Group under which The Manage Health Care Limited and Insurance Department as well as C.J.M Pharmaceuticals also operates, have threatened to resign in their numbers following undue delays in payment of their salaries covering past two months.

Workers at both the hospital at Adabraka Adjaben and those working at the insurance office are not sure when their October salaries are going to be paid, meanwhile November is almost ended and if that of October has not been paid yet then when will November be paid as December also fast approaches.

Mr. President, it will surprise you to know that for the past 17 years that the health institution has been in existence, wages and salaries of workers have never been paid on monthly bases as every now and then payment of salaries run into areas sometimes three months where workers discharge their duties without pay. Social Security and National Insurance Trust [SSNIT] workers contributions towards a pension plan are also not being paid regularly as suppose to be in order for them to enjoy good pension when they retire. It will not be surprise that a further probe will reveal that tax obligations are also not being honored as expected by this company.

His Excellency, it is very worrying to see these hard working men and women struggling to find money to pay for their transportation everyday to go and work to safe dying patients at the hospital, pharmaceutical and the insurance department only to suffer undue delays in payment of their salaries. But in all these, workers follow strict working conditions set out by the Proprietress Dr. Mrs. Joyce Djarbarty.

The proprietress claim the health institution is bankrupt but employees know that is not true and would like to call for probe.

Anytime journalists get wind of the cheating going on in the institution and wants to investigate, the proprietress Dr. Mrs. Joyce Djabarty, describes the journalists as evil men in her premises and brings pastors to perform what they call sanctifying the work place from evil men and present envelopes to them as honorarium afterwards.

Sir, please come to Macedonia and help as workers at C and J Group [The Manage Health Care Limited-Insurance Department and C.J.M Pharmaceutical] are crying to you for help. Their last hope is your intervention otherwise they will have no decision either than resigning leaving the sick patients to their fate. I know you will not allow the trouble to get out of hand before acting to save the situation .Thanks for the opportunity for me to lodge the complaint before you for an action. I hope to feel your intervention soon by seeing the smiles on the faces of the workers soon. Yours truly

Kofi Keyek.